Secret Scents Perfume Lockets

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What an amazing gift.

I’m talking about the bold and beautiful lockets designed by our own GeekMom artist Brigid Ashwood.  More than a piece of jewelry, each one also exudes a delicate fragrance when worn against your skin’s warmth. That’s because the locket compartment holds natural beeswax solid perfume. And each is customizable, letting you choose from nearly 30 possible images (or one you supply), two types of finish, and 18 different fragrances (or unscented if you prefer).






I gave up wearing scented products back when my first baby was born so I’m not used to smelling like anything more than the onions I chop for dinner or worse, the barnyard muck that might be splattered on my jeans. After my locket-wearing experience I’m a changed woman.

I have to tell you the fragrance remains subtle, just a hint to make the day seem a bit more special. The locket is a generous 40x30mm but hangs lightly and comfortably on a ribbon chain. I didn’t have a chance to forget I was wearing it through a recent Saturday filled with errands—-strangers at the store, library, and co-op kept asking me about it!

Don’t just give these for gifts. You’ll want your own too.

Secret Scents™ Perfume Lockets


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