The Gift Of Wisdom

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We recently gave the same gift to two very different people—a seventy-something gentleman who is retiring and a twenty-six year old woman receiving her master’s degree. Both were ridiculously pleased. The gift? Wisdom.

That is, a book by that name filled with insights by prominent people who have had at least sixty-five years of life experience. These people include Desmond Tutu, Buzz Aldrin, Jacques Pépin, Ravi Shankar, Jane Goodall,
Nadine Gordimer, Frank Gehry, and Nelson Mandela.

Wisdom is a publication by award-winning photographer and filmmaker Andrew Zuckerman, whose first book (titled Creature) was filled with stunning portraits of wild animals.

This project offers even more. Each copy of Wisdom comes with a DVD in which these writers, designers, artists, actors, politicians, musicians, and leaders share sage advice. The inner cover notes that Wisdom “is inspired by the idea that one of the greatest gifts one generation can give another is the wisdom it has gained from experience.”

I’ve already got my eye on Zuckerman’s newest book. This one is titled Music. I know just the person I’d like to surprise with this one. Well, maybe two people.


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