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GeekMom Fashion Inspiration: Charlie Bradbury

GeekMom Fashion Inspiration: Charlie Bradbury

We’re taking a look at the wardrobe of Charlie Bradbury to celebrate last week’s season finale of Supernatural. Read More


Felicia Day’s Vaginal Fantasy Hangout Tomorrow!

Felicia Day’s Vaginal Fantasy Hangout Tomorrow!

As someone who has been flogging the “romance is fun even for geek girls” theme for some time now, I’ve been thrilled to watch the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club with Felicia Day, Veronica Belmont, Bonnie Burton and Kiala Kazebee take off.
This week’s selection, to be discussed on the Hangout on Tuesday, April 30th, is Ghost Planet by Sharon Fisher. Read More

Wondercon Highlights Part 1

With San Francisco’s Moscone Center under renovation, WonderCon moved to Anaheim this year–and seemed to bring a bit of the Bay Area’s rain and chill wind along with it. We shivered our way between hotel and convention center, dodging clusters of purple-eyeshadowed cheerleaders who were competing in a tournament in the next hall over. Here… Read More

The GeekMoms Podcast #6 GeekGirlCon: Inspiring Kids and Parents

The show kicks off with an interview with Amber Love about Women of Wonder Day, an annual auction and in-store event where you can bid on beautiful art and collectibles in support of domestic violence charity programs.  Then Nicole is joined once again by GeekMom Cathe Post to talk about her weekend with her husband and daughter at the… Read More

Felicia Day Hangs Out with GeekMoms

Yesterday eleven (if I’m counting right) GeekMom writers gathered in a room for the first time–sort of. We met face to face in a Google+ Hangout. Of course, you can only have ten people at a time in a Hangout, so GeekMoms Amy and Andrea graciously ducked out to leave room for our guest of… Read More

Wil Wheaton Vs. Autograph Hounds

How far is too far when trying to get autographs from your favorite celebrity? My husband and I adore getting autographs from celebrities when we go to cons. It is, in fact, the activity my husband spends most of his time doing when we attend Dragon*Con. He doesn’t even like stopping for food – he… Read More