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Do you play video games? Do you enjoy watching other people play video games? LP, or Let’s Play, videos on YouTube are very popular. They serve as commentary, review, and a source for comedic banter. This week’s playlist is all Let’s Play.

First this week, Hank and Katherine Green play Nintendo games together; the quips exchanged between the two remind my husband and I of playing video games together. Next, Spoiler Warning (which is one of my favorite Let’s Play shows on YouTube) gives an in-depth review of the game , offers social commentary, and comparisons to other games. We also have Scott Manley who is worth listening to just for his accent. He plays Kerbal Space Program, and occasionally his kids and spouse make cameo appearances. Finally, a Let’s Play list would not be complete without Felicia Day playing retro games with her brother. Warning about Felicia and Ryon: playing old games often causes vulgarity.

Enjoy the playlist for this week. You can find all of our Tea Party Hangout videos and weekly playlists on our YouTube page.

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