GeekMom Fashion Inspiration © Sophie Brown

GeekMom Fashion Inspiration: Charlie Bradbury

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GeekMom Fashion Inspiration © Sophie Brown
GeekMom fashion inspiration © Sophie Brown.

To celebrate last week’s season finale of Supernatural, we’re taking a look at the wardrobe of Charlie Bradbury. Charlie is the archetypal geek girl—how could she be anything else when portrayed by the legendary Felicia Day—and her style is the ultimate in geek chic.

Charlie Bradbury Inspired Outfit by Sophie Brown (Fair Use, See Links Below)
Charlie Bradbury-inspired outfit by Sophie Brown. Photos: fair use, see links below.

T-Shirts: Charlie has a large collection of nerdy shirts and we’ve seen her wearing designs featuring Princess Leia (Star Wars), Sonmi-451 (Cloud Atlas), Lying Cat (Saga), Rat Queens, The Legend of Zelda, and this Lumberjanes shirt from We Love Fine. If you wanted to go really meta, which Supernatural often does, you could even choose to wear a shirt of Charlie herself, such as this fabulous design by Tracey Gurney.

Pink: There is something of a negative association with the color pink among many geek girls, most likely due in part to the excessive quantity of it forced on many of us during childhood. However, pink is still a great color and Charlie embraces it as a part of her wardrobe. We’ve seen her rock pink T-shirts, hoodies, glasses, and more. She’s even braved bright Barbie-esque shades. Remember, pink doesn’t have to equal princess.

Plaid: It didn’t take long after Charlie met the Winchesters for her to start pursuing her own cases and begin the transformation into a hunter. Of course, the hunter “uniform” nearly always features a plaid shirt. Charlie is no exception to that rule, although the plaid shirts she chooses are often more brightly colored than those worn by Sam, Dean, and the other male hunters.

Skinny Jeans: When she’s not cosplaying or LARPing, Charlie favors skinny jeans. Don’t feel you have to stick with classic blue, however; we’ve also seen her wearing grey, olive green, and even yellow-colored pants.

Glasses: Although she most often sticks with contact lenses, we’ve also seen Charlie wearing glasses. So if you don’t or can’t wear contacts glasses, you are not going to look out of place. If you’re in the market for a new pair and are using Charlie for inspiration, think about choosing a thicker frame with a bold color.

Accessories: We first met Charlie wearing a pair of giant over-ear headphones and dancing in an elevator to “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and The Waves—and I fell in love instantly. I’m a big fan of huge headphones, partly because my weirdly misshapen ears are not friendly to in-ear styles, and my current choice is the Sennheiser HD201. Charlie is also usually seen with a messenger bag (gotta have something big to carry all of those stolen hard drives and ancient books around in) and rocking a pair of comfy, yet funky combat boots.

• T-Shirt: We Love Fine, $25
• Glasses: Vision Express, £139
• Hoodie: Superdry, $100
• Jeans: AG Jeans at The Outnet, $110
• Shirt: Maurices, $29
• Bag: Zenness at Amazon, $30
• Headphones: Sennheiser, $22
• Boots: White Mountain at The Scarpetta, $49
• Rebel Logo Patch, Hot Topic, $4.50

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