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Zagg Impulse Wireless Headphones: Inexpensive Comfort, Quality Sound

Zagg Impulse Wireless Headphones: Inexpensive Comfort, Quality Sound

iFROGZ Impulse Wireless Headphones give you quality comfort and sound without breaking the bank. Read More


JBL Charge Bluetooth Speaker: Product Review

JBL Charge Bluetooth Speaker: Product Review

The JBL Charge is one of a kind: it has a 6000mAh Li-ion battery for high-speed device charging . Plug in your smart phone, tablet or ereader (with its own charging cable) and it will charge for you at about 0.5% per minute (based on Kindle and iPhone actually charges). If you have a device that charges with a microUSB cable, you can use the included cable for charging. Read More

LG Tone+ HBS-730: Where Have You Been All My Life?

I heard about the LG Tone through a friend at work who said it was the best pair of headphones they’d ever owned. I’ve tried out more than my fair share of headphones and while most have worked out, none of them really made me go wow! I had a hard time believing that these would, so when LG sent them to me, I put them through the paces and then some. Read More

The Wow Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Style and Sound

Here’s a crowdfunding project for all you audiophiles. It’s the Wow Wireless bluetooth speaker and it not only sounds great, but looks great, too. Despite the huge number of speakers out there, most of them look a lot alike. They’re generally little cubes or little rectangles made of shiny metal and plastic. It’s not that they’re ugly, but they’re just not very pretty. This little speaker delivers not only great sound, but a genuinely stylish design that will add to your room. Read More

HMDX Jam Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth from up to 30 feet away with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet and most laptops. Connection is simple, with a passcode right on the bottom of the device next to the on/off switch and volume and fast forward buttons on the side of the speaker. There’s a micro USB port for charging (USB to micro USB cable included) and an audio in jack. Read More

Kickstarter: Hone Means No More Searching For Keys

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as getting ready to leave the house in the morning and not being able to find your keys. This is usually more likely to happen on a day when you’re already running late or you overslept and can’t see straight or your kids are missing a shoe, or a glove or their school bags. It’s one of those moments of parenting hell that we’ve all endured. Lucky for all of us, the days of searching the house for our keys are soon to disappear thanks to the folks behind Hone. Read More

Brookstone’s Big Blue Audio: Wireless Bluetooth Speakers With Punch

The problem with a lot of our snazzy devices it that, although they hold a ton of music and will play it, they don’t sound all that good. You turn up the volume on your phone or your laptop and the sound gets tinny or distorted or just plain awful enough that you have to be hooked to your device with a pair of earbuds or it’s just not worth it. Brookstone’s new Big Blue Audio products provide an affordable solution to this problem with Big Blue Studio and it’s portable little sister Big Blue Live. Read More