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I was very excited to get a red Dog and Bone LockSmart Mini padlock. This is the world’s first patented Bluetooth padlock that provides a keyless and trackable solution for protecting valuables. Right away I downloaded the app from the google play services to my Samsung Note. The registration was very quick and so was matching my padlock to my device. We have a large yard and had wanted to padlock our back gate after a bike had gone missing.

Every step was simple. Both the app and the padlock were easy to use.

The only tricky part I could foresee was getting access to my husband and our gardener. They both enter in the back gate. The LockSmart app had an answer for that. It includes a shared access feature. I can add multiple users, give them the code and they can open it using their smartphones as well.

I am unsure how hackable the lock is by another bluetooth device. The claim is that it is as safe as a regular padlock.

The video review shows that I made two attempts in using the app to open the lock. The first one did not work. The second attempt after resetting the lock and re-entering my code did work. When it is a success, the screen of the LockSmart app will turn green and the lock will automatically open. No need to tug on it or twist it.

Dog & Bone LockSmart, Bluetooth padlock video review
DB LockSmart Padlock Photo:
  • Like:  I like that it is weatherproof, made of hardened steel shackle with a die-cast alloy body.  It took the worry about leaving it outside in the elements.
  • Dislike: The only dislike was having to make two attempts. I think with practice, this will disappear though.

Having this new bluetooth option in protection is something I think our readers will want to explore. Our community have always been early adopters of all things tech. The cost is more than a regular padlock but the ease in use and multiple user accessibility is worth the higher amount. Plus. it is just a cool little bluetooth gadget.

Thank you to our friends at Dog and Bone for providing a LockSmart Mini for Geekmom / GeekDad  to review.

Some easy stats:

  • Tough, waterproof padlock allows users to conveniently lock and access belongings without physical keys and complicated codes
  • Simultaneously manage multiple locks from anywhere in the world, granting shared access to other users or removing access in an instant
  • Track lock activity in the app, displayed as username, date and time of use
  • Offers the highest Bluetooth security standard (128-bit advanced encryption)
  • Unlock the padlock using Touch ID, tapping the icon, or entering a passcode
  • Features a rechargeable custom cell lithium-ion battery, providing up to 2 years of power or as many as 3,000 opens before recharging
  • Battery power management within the app
  • Features a micro USB tucked in the weatherproof seal for convenient charging
  • Made from hardened steel and die-cast Zamak-3 Zinc Alloy
  • LockSmart: Available in steel with red accents
  • Mini LockSmart: Available in aqua, black, and red

Available at: and RadioShack

Price:  $89. 95 and $69.95 for the Mini

More from the website:

Keyless trackable security

Ever lost a key? Forgotten a password or digit combination? Or had keys in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Imagine if, by some super force, you could share your ‘key’ with someone in a different region, city, state –even country –in an instant. And could securely share multiple ‘keys’ instantly, yet still enjoy the confidence to, just as quickly, take those ‘keys’ away, without even asking or swapping one physical key!

Fortunately, this reality is here right now! A new keyless future. And with security and tracking like none bestowed before by our humble metal key.

By using your mobile device, you can open your LockSmart padlock without any physical keys, conveniently share virtual keys in an instant, take ‘keys’ away, and track your lock’s use. LockSmart’s keyless Bluetooth padlock is much more than a lock. LockSmart gives you trackable keyless security.


No more keys! All you need is your phone.*

Shared Access
One lock. Multiple users. Share and remove access with multiple users instantly through the app.

Centrally manage multiple locks
Use multiple locks for your bike, your boat shed, gym locker, fence, storage shed and much more. Manage multiple locks from the one app.

Know when and who has opened your lock. Secure 128-bit advanced encryption – the highest Bluetooth security standard, plus 256-bit cloud generated private key for added security.

Long lasting and rechargeable
Up to 2 years and as many as 3,000 ‘opens’ before re-charging. Re-charging prompts.

Case hardened steel shackle + die cast zamak 3 zinc alloy body.

Rain, hail, snow or shine, your LockSmart padlock is weatherproof.

*Compatible with IOS devices using Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, and running iOS software versions iOS 8.2 or later. Compatible with Android devices using Bluetooth 4.0 or higher and running Android software versions 4.3 or later. For optimum performance please ensure your device is running the latest version of software.

locksmart specs Photo:

–  WIDTH:  65MM (2.55”)
–  DEPTH: 24MM (0.93”)
–  HEIGHT: 101.50MM SHACKLE CLOSED (4.00”), OR 113.50MM SHACKLE OPEN (4.47”)
WEIGHT: 388GR (13.68OZ)

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