Renaissance Woman Hears the Sounds of the Universe

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How the Universe Got Its Spots cover
Is the universe infinite or just really big?

Philosopher turned astro-physicist Janna Levin thinks a lot about the origins of the universe. She’s written a non-fiction book, How the Universe Got Its Spots, in which she contemplates whether or not the universe is finite or infinite, or if indeed our universe is one in a multiverse.

Janna Levin, mother of two young children, is a contemporary Renaissance woman. She can draw, she can write, and she can teach advanced mathematics that decode quantum physics, which she does at Barnard College of Columbia University.

In a recent TED talk Levin demonstrates, among other cosmic sounds, what we might hear when two black holes collide … moments before being crushed. Not to give her whole talk away, but according to her sophisticated mathematical models, black holes don’t have much in the way of a melody, but they do have a distinctive rhythmic beat.

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