Get Muddy with Daddy Pig's Puddle Jump

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As every Peppa Pig fan knows, there’s nothing better than jumping in muddy puddles. However, if muddy puddles are in short supply, the new Daddy Pig’s Puddle Jump app is certainly a good substitute.

Daddy Pig is the world champion muddy puddle jumper, but Peppa and George are going to try to beat him. Dressed in their stuntman costumes, with an Evel Knievel-esque red, white, and blue color scheme and star motif, the pigs compete across a range of courses to see who can become the muddiest. There are 15 courses to unlock, which gently become more challenging. With both a one-person and two-player option and the ability to play as Peppa, George, or Daddy Pig, this app is certainly has lots of appeal for Peppa fans.

My 4-year-old daughter adores Peppa Pig, so could hardly contain her excitement when I started the app. It’s bright and colorful and very easy for a young child to navigate independently. The controls are very simple: Just touch the screen anywhere to make the character jump. My daughter was rather hesitant at first, worried about doing something wrong. However, the game is organized so that if you don’t manage to press the screen at the right time to make your character jump and clear a hedge or land on a trampoline, it doesn’t matter. The levels very gently become longer and more challenging, so it never becomes too difficult. I particularly like how encouraging the characters are to each other, saying “Well done” after the races.

Daddy Pig clears an obstacle. © Entertainment One

The weakest part of the app for me is the two-player option. I thought that this might involve racing against each other, but it only runs the race twice, once with each character, comparing their muddy splat ratings at the end. I’d like to see something slightly more competitive, where both characters can race at the same time. Also, it would have been nice if the characters could perform more than jumps, such as being able to slide down the muddy hills. Because of this, it won’t hold the attention of older children or those used to more sophisticated games.

This is a lovely app for young children who will find the animations and voiceovers funny. I don’t think it will have the replay value for older children but it’s great for the three to five-year-old age bracket. It’s good to know that there are no in-app purchases or adverts too, making it very family friendly. However, the price of $1.99/£1.49 is a little bit steep; I think it would be better value at 99c/69p. Daddy Pig’s Puddle Jump by Entertainment One is available now from

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