A Social Network for Women Facing Breast Cancer

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Advertising Agency: DDB, Maputo, Mozambique Published December 2011

Even though October is usually breast cancer awareness month, breast cancer diagnosis can be given at any time. Women facing the diagnosis of breast cancer have traditionally sought out other survivors near them for personal advice and experiences. In this internet age the reality is that many of us socialize on-line, we meet friends, plan events, host get togethers, share ideas, fall in love and mourn those that have passed. Humans are social creatures, but we are also technological, we have created new ways to meet more and more people just like us.

Starting today, socializing with other women facing breast cancer will never be easier.

MyHealthTeams announced today its release of a new social networking site, MyBreastCancerTeam or MyBCTeam, is designed specifically for women facing a battle with breast cancer. The site is open to women currently receiving treatment, those recently diagnosed and even those who are 15+ year survivors. MyBCTeam uniquely allows women to come together, find others by age, location or even by diagnosis and treatments. I’ve often heard the best and easiest advice to hear is from someone who is/was going through exactly what you have had to go through. MyBCTeam provides these women a network to share stories, treatment tips, doctor referrals, scarf fashion trends, current research studies, fears, inspiration and day-to-day support.

When a woman is shocked with the diagnosis of breast cancer, her natural inclination is to learn everything she can about her diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis. This learning process can be very difficult when you feel so scared you don’t even want to publicly admit that you have cancer. Yet, even through the fear, those facing breast cancer need to find good doctors, they need to know about different treatment options and they need to be able to talk with other people who understand exactly what they feel. Women facing breast cancer need other women with (or who have had) breast cancer, its a club no one ever wants to be part of and yet one in every eight women will be unwilling members.

“MyBCTeam provides a safe and welcoming environment where women can share their personal stories and daily ups and downs during and after treatment.  Oftentimes, only other women who have been in the same situation will truly understand the range of emotions – the anxiety, fatigue and self-image issues – that breast cancer can surface. Women can also share the providers they’ve found most useful – from oncologists to wig shops, treatment details and even specific tips like what drinks help with the short-term after-effects of chemotherapy on taste buds.” – Mary Ray, CMO and Co-founder of MyBreastCancerTeam

Since MyBCTeam is dedicated to creating real connections between women, it removes the anonymity found on many internet forums, in favor of creating a safe and secure place where women can share their most personal experiences.

MyBCTeam boasts a number of popular features, some adapted from other popular social networking sites.

  • Activity Page: Much like a Facebook Newsfeed, its the heart and soul of the site, its where you keep up with everyone
  • Meet Others: Unique to MyBCTeam, search for other women based on diagnosis (stage and type), age and location
  • Provider Directory: This is a member supplied database of providers specializing in breast cancer treatments. Providers can be more than just oncologists and therapists, but also hairdressers, yoga studios, support groups, etc.
  • Your Team Page: This page allows you to keep track of any providers and people that are supporting your battle
  • Q&A: A searchable database of questions and answers most important to those “in the know”, you.
  • A Pinboard: Based on Pintrest, it is a visual sharing site for sharing recipes, fashion, family pictures,travel plans
  • A “Hug” button: When words fail, a hug is all you need to show empathy.
  • A Mobile App: Allows communication through your phone where ever you are, even in the doctors waiting room or during your chemo treatments.

MyBCTeam is the latest social network from MyHealthTeams, a company that creates social networks specifically for sufferers of chronic health conditions. MyHealthTeam strives to bring together people with similar experiences and health issues in order to empower them to get help and support they need to fight their disease.

If you have, or have had, breast cancer and would like to connect with other women who are just like you, log on to http://www.MyBreastCancerTeam.com. When you join the rest of the fighters and survivors that are already on the site, you are not only getting more informations for yourself, you are adding to a valuable resource for those women who have yet to be diagnosed.

Other places to visit MyBreastCancerTeam: MyBCTeam BlogTwitterFacebook

Oh and while you are checking out MyBCTeam, don’t forget to do your monthly self-breast exam, early detection is key to survival.

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