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It’s all about timing. The Dilly Dallies know their youngest listeners probably won’t get the significance of their latest release, Do You Think I’m Weird?, coming out in the middle of Pride Month. But it’s important to note that “being weird” is a hallmark for many members of the LBGTQ community, many of whom have toddlers and tykes of their own. As they sing on the title track, “I don’t really care if you think I’m weird, It’s not like I suddenly have no ears.”

The Dilly Dallies’ ‘Do You Think I’m Weird?’
The Dilly Dallies are comprised of Steve Slater and Jenn Ekman. Professional drummer/stay-at-home dad Steve performs with four San Francisco Bay Area bands and wears many hats working as a music instructor. Stay-at-home mom Jenn is a singer and stage actor with more than 25 productions under her belt. Steve and Jenn dubbed themselves the Dilly Dallies as an acknowledgement of the curiosity of children (including their own), who tend to dawdle, observe, and generally dilly dally as they investigate the world around them. Their radio show is also broadcast at Alameda Community Radio, where they go over topics contributed by young radio listeners.
The dozen songs on Do You Think I’m Weird? celebrate the spirit of individuality and positivity, which are important to every children’s development. You can also find lyrics and chords on their website. “Boring Human” discusses how we don’t possess the traits of other species (such as “I wish I was a penguin/ I’d survive in the freezing cold”). “Fictional World of Excitement” encourages kids to be spontaneous and creative. “It’s Wonderful Being Short” gives a whole list of reasons to ignore anyone who body shames kids who have yet to go through growth spurts. But the message of inclusion also allows room for silliness, such as “Chuck”:
I’m a chuck – A chicken and a duck.
A product of pure luck.
I’m a Chuck.
And everywhere I go, people want to know, what’s a Chuck.
Deep down, the Dilly Dallies realize that everyone feels weird now and then. Do You Think I’m Weird? asks and answers its own question, with a healthy dose of parental love. On “Let Me Breathe You In,’ Jenn sings an ode to children born and unborn, “I loved you before I even met you, and you learned the sound of my heartbeat, I’ll try to see the world through your eyes.” That’s a truth we could all learn a little something about. In fact, take a little pride this month in your own personal growth.

Do You Think I’m Weird? is available from the Dilly Dallies’ websiteSpotify, and Apple Music.

Here is the video for the band’s song, “I Want To Pet an Ant”:

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