Power Rangers and Dexter DVDs are a ‘Head’ Above the Rest

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“Power Rangers Legacy: The First 20 Years” will have 98 DVDs packed inside a collectible Red Ranger helmet. Image: Shout! Factory.

TV and movie studios have been cranking out special-edition DVD and Blu-ray releases for years. Of course, some are better than others. My opinion is, if you’re going to put an entire series inside one set, you’d better make it memorable — and worth the hefty price tag that’s typically attached. For instance, the Harry Potter Wizards Collection started selling late last year, with 31 discs packed inside a box that has all sorts of secret compartments.

This week, I found out about two upcoming series sets. The pair couldn’t be more different content-wise, but have very similar packaging.

First up is Power Rangers Legacy: The First 20 Years, which will have all 20 seasons of the cult favorite inside one DVD set. (Sorry, there appears to be no Blu-ray release.) Shout! Factory says that the collection will include a total of 270 hours across 98 DVDs. Six of those discs will have bonus content, including several brand new featurettes. Of course, the real hook here is that the massive set will be packed inside a Red Ranger helmet.

Shout! Factory has yet to announce pricing for this collectible. However, you can add it to your holiday wishlist now, since it’s scheduled to start selling on December 3, 2013.

If you’re looking to score “a collectible head” a little sooner, Paramount just announced super-cool, creepy packaging for Dexter: The Complete Series Collection during the Dexter panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The Amazon exclusive will have every single episode of Showtime’s suspenseful series stashed inside an anonymous head.

The regular set is certainly no slouch, since it looks a lot like that slide box Dexter’s been keeping for the past eight seasons. Both editions include a disc of special features, including new documentaries “The Evolution of Dexter Morgan” and “The Code.” There’s also something called “Grafix: The Art of Dexter,” a special collection of photography, fan artwork and iconography and images. Dexter: The Complete Series Collection will be available as a 25-disc Blu-ray set or 33-disc DVD collection, starting November 5. The sets are priced at $427.99 and $352.99, respectively.

The pictured version of “Dexter: The Complete Series Collection” will be an Amazon exclusive. Image: Paramount Pictures.

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