LEGO Brickmasters Amy and Jamie

Interview with LEGO Brickmasters Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard

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Last year, the LEGO Masters show called out to the hearts of bricklovers everywhere. With the world ensconced in 2020, LEGO Masters brought everyone the joy and creativity needed. In fact, our LEGO Mini-Masters series emulated the show, hoping to give parents and, more importantly, kids a way to thrive and connect.

This year, the new season of LEGO Masters on FOX, brings the same excitement and creativity with new challenges, new teams, and some familiar faces.

Getting to sit with LEGO Brickmasters Amy and Jamie gave GeekMom Karen and GeekKid L the opportunity to get insight into how LEGO designers work together, the challenges that can come with different types of builds, challenging moments from Season 1, and some insight into next week’s episode, “Hats Incredible!” airing on June 22, at 8pm EDT. 

Cooperation when Designing a LEGO Set

Amy: I think we always believe that the best Lego models and the best products go through many hands. So quite often, I would start a model, I pass it over to Jamie, he’d build it, he’d fix some things, maybe he’d pass it back to me or pass it to someone else. And I think the more sometimes the more people’s ideas that go into it, the better the final build becomes.

Jamie: I think to Amy’s point, our designers come from around the world, like 50 different countries that are represented. So there’s people from all different kinds of backgrounds, all different kinds of experiences, that they’re just looking at every model with different eyes. It is such a gift when somebody comes over and tells you how to make a potential improvement or add something. It’s just wonderful. 

Even LEGO Brickmasters Face Design Challenges

Amy: We’ve designed the LEGO Friends figures to be compatible with the minifigure and the accessories they use and to work in the Lego system. But there are a few small details that make it different. Having the feet shaped means that they go slightly further forward, So sometimes you can’t put them right against the wall, which is a little bit challenging. They also don’t have the studs on the back of their legs. They don’t have a way to attach on the back of their leg. So putting them on a vehicle is a bit more challenging. So you have to think of everything a little bit differently. 

Jamie: And it’s really fun because even though you think it’s Lego Friends and just the minifigure world, they actually combine. When they were making, for example, the scooter in Lego Friends, we were working on the Parisian restaurant and we wanted to use the scooter. So we found out that the minifigure, when he stands on  what was being developed by the Friends team, when he stood on the scooter it ended up he was like leaning backwards because the height is slightly different on where the arms go. And just by having that conversation between our two teams, we ended up adjusting the scooter slightly to make it go back a little bit. And now both the Friends mini doll and the minifigure both ride the scooter comfortably by changing the handlebars.

Favorite Challenges from Season 1

Amy: there is one that I love, love, love the most. And that was the storybook challenge. It was so much fun having the kids and making the story. It was the most wacky builds we could have at all. And I love that every team also had a slightly different story to tell. And bringing those to life is just I think was so magical and so fun to watch. And that was just incredible builds at the end of it. And I think any challenge that gets such fun builds is really enjoyable.

Jamie: I always like to see what the Lego brick is capable of. And so I have to admit, when I saw those bridges old 1000 pounds, my head nearly exploded. As I said, I had no idea that that was even possible. So even though it might not have been the most exciting, fun, creative challenge to see. It just always excites me to see how people can use bricks in a different way and show you something that you never thought was possible like holding 1000 pounds.

Suggestions for Parents Designing Challenges

Amy: Sometimes just putting a time limit on something is what makes it fun. It’s like how many can you build in this amount of time? How high can you go in this amount of time, so anything that puts that competition aspect, and I think time is a big thing that fits in there. And randomizing some different ideas, putting them in a bowl is also a good idea. Or actually everyone coming up like getting the kids also to come up with the challenges I think can be a fun thing. 

Sneak Peak in June 22 Episode

Amy: I think we love challenges also that paint Lego in a new light and make it and show you things that you didn’t think you could do with the brick. And I think that’s certainly what you’re going to see next week. But I think everyone just there was so much laughter Yeah, there was so much fun and cheering and I felt it was just an excitement around the whole episode, which we haven’t really had as much as this in the past episodes.

Jamie: Let’s just say that you’ll see a whole new side of not only the builders, but us as judges. And we’ll end the whole format of the show as just a really, really fun in very different challenge that we haven’t tried anywhere in the world on any other Lego masters. And we loved it. 

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