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Easter is right around the corner and, with the help of, I was able to put together five of the geekiest baskets I could manage. Each basket includes a POP! figure, mug, and a bag as well as other goodies. My themes this year are Pokemon, Disney, The Child, DC Comics, and Nightmare Before Christmas. My favorite basket has got to be The Child because it includes a killer pair of sneakers. I tried to keep the pricing of items below $25, but some were too awesome for this Easter bunny not to include (like the Pokeball speaker and Wonder Woman shoes!)

For those that are not into baskets that you use once and toss the next day, that’s where the bag comes in to play. Instead of a basket that won’t see use after the big day, pick up a bag instead that they will use all year long.

I didn’t include any in this list, but instead of Easter grass that goes straight to the dumpster, try a t-shirt as an alternative to cushion the bottom of your “basket.”

Pokemon Basket

It’s Pokemon‘s 25th anniversary, so it would have been a crime not to include them in my list. Here are my top five things you should catch for your Easter basket.

Bluetooth Speaker Pokemon Pokeball ($39.99)

POP! Games: Pokemon– Bulbasaur Vinyl Figure ($9.99)

Pokemon 3D Pikachu Mug ($14.99)

Loungefly Charmander Mini Backpack ($75)

Pokemon All Over Character Snapback Hat ($19.99)

Disney Basket

I’m a Disney geek at heart. I was particularly attached to Buzz Lightyear and Pluto for many years (wink-wink) and I wanted to include a variety of my favorite characters in this Walt-approved basket.

Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Snapback Hat ($17.99)

POP! Disney Dumbo Vinyl Figure ($14.99)

Loungefly Mickey Hardware Crossbody Bag ($70)

Lilo and Stitch Space to Beach 20 oz Heat Reveal Mug ($14.99)

Loungefly Monsters Inc Mike and Sulley Accordion Wallet ($25)

The Child – The Mandalorian Basket

When season three of The Mandalorian ended, I wanted more baby Yoda/Grogu/The Child. has plenty of items to keep you satisfied and these are my favorites. 

Geeki Tikis – The Child Force Pose Mug ($19.99)

The Mandalorian The Child Plush Backpack ($14.99)

Funko POP! Keychain: Star WarsThe Mandalorian– Child with Cup ($7.99)

The Child Unisex Mandalorian Shoes ($39.99)

Funko POP Star Wars: Mandalorian– The Child with Cup Vinyl Figure ($29.99)

DC Comics Basket

Power is the name of this game, and I included some strong and empowering characters in this basket. The best part of this basket is the Wonder Woman shoes for sure.

Wonder Woman Adult Shoes for Women ($39.99)

Teen Titans Go! All Over Print Backpack ($39.99)

POP Justice League Superman Vinyl Figure ($19.99)

POP! Funkoverse DC Comics- 100- Base Set Strategy Game ($39.99)

Shazam Geeki Tiki ($14.99)

Nightmare Before Christmas Basket

Jack Skellington and Sally are my favorite Disney couple pairing. The debate continues in my house. Is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? My answer: it’s a year-round movie!

25th Anniversary Yahtzee The Nightmare Before Christmas Game ($19.99)

Jack Skellington Color Changing Snowflake Umbrella ($24.99)

16oz Jack and Sally Freeze Gel Plastic Mug ($29.99)

Vinyl SODA: The Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack Skellington ($122.99)

Loungefly Simply Meant to Be Jack and Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Backpack ($70)

What are you including in your Easter baskets this year? Let us know in the comments and give us some ideas for our own!

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