It’s Geeky Snowflake Time, and ‘The Mandalorian’ Is Here

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda join Anthony Herrera’s “Star Wars” snowflake designs for 2019. All images: Lisa Tate

It’s the holiday season and people are putting aside their differences, political or personal, to celebrate… Baby Yoda.

This year, Anthony Herrera has released his latest batch of Star Wars themed snowflake patterns to decorate accordingly, with a new Mandalorian set for 2019 that includes The Mandalorian (which is a different design from his Boba Fett), Cara Dune, Kuii, and, of course, Baby Yoda.

Herrera has creating Star Wars designs since 2012, many of which have been featured in my past Geeky Snowflakes posts, as well as Harry Potter, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Frozen designs, which should be getting some traffic with the release of Frozen 2.

One thing I love about Herrera’s site is his suggestion for crafters to share their snowflake clipping talents with local schools, libraries, community centers, or children’s hospitals. He even includes a link to finding a nearby library or hospital.

Mando plain
The two Mandalorian designs I made before color was added.

Even if you don’t have time to make something elaborate, for yourself or for others, you can easily improve your snowflake game by using some upcycled materials with your own original patterns. I don’t have too many links this year or other ideas, as many “geeky snowflake” pattern searches now lead us all back to GeekMom (that’s not a bad thing). DeviantArt and Pinterest, however, are always treasure troves for ideas.

Coffee filters: Many people are using these now, as they are the perfect shape for folding six-side flakes like this cute Totoro pattern.

Coffee filter and wrapping paper flakes.

Wrapping Paper. Use that little extra piece you can’t really use for anything else.

Christmas and holiday catalogs. We get so many of these each year, we try to find ways to do something to make them less wasteful.

Catalog flakes.

Newspaper. Works well with literary- or science-themed designs, or even sports logos. The Denver Broncos took advantage of their sometimes snowy hometown for one.

Maps. Car and travel patterns and steampunk look good with these.

Sheet music. For music or traditional holiday and Christmas patterns.

Maps, sheet music, and newspaper flakes.

Since Herrera is sharing his patterns for free, paying it forward by brightening the worlds of others just seems right this time of year. My own daughter recently suggested to her church youth group to make these for a senior home. I hope they do; everyone loves the Star Wars designs.

Keep checking Ruth Suehle’s post for more Baby Yoda (aka The Child) merch updates from GeekMom.

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