My First Scalextric, Image Sophie Brown

My First Scalextric: A Fast-Paced Home Racing Set That’s Not Just for Kids

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What is My First Scalextric: Looney Tunes?

My First Scalextric: Looney Tunes is a small scale, themed Scalextric set aimed at younger children aged from three and up. It is easier to build and control, uses smaller track pieces, and features more robust vehicles than a standard Scalextric set.

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My First Scalextric: Looney Tunes Components

  • 9V Transformer
  • Scalextric Powerbase
  • Trackside Graphic
  • Bugs Bunny Vehicle
  • Daffy Duck Vehicle
  • 2 Spare Vehicle-Track Connector Brush Pieces
  • 2 Wired Controllers
  • 12 Curved Track Pieces
  • 3 Long Straight Track Pieces
  • 2 Short Straight Track Pieces
  • 2 Bridge Supports
  • Layout Guide Sheet
My First Scalextric Components, Image Sophie Brown
My First Scalextric Components, Image Sophie Brown

I was really impressed with the components and packaging of this My First Scalextric set. The set is well packaged into a cardboard storage tray that holds every piece carefully to minimize damage while not wasting space – in fact, the storage tray reminded me very much of that used for high-end, collectible Hornby train sets rather than something I’d expect to find in a toy set aimed at kids. The use of a cardboard storage tray also means that there is very little single-use plastic packaging – the few pieces included are largely used to hold the vehicles and the spare brushes.

The only pieces of this set that felt notably low quality compared to the rest were the plastic controllers, but they have still held up well during plenty of use.

Packed Away for Storage, Image Sophie Brown
Packed Away for Storage, Image Sophie Brown


Setting up your My First Scalextric is incredibly easy compared to setting up a traditional, larger Scalextric set. The track pieces click together easily but securely and the included layout guide gives four different suggestions of how to put the track together.

The Powerbase is labeled to show you exactly where to plug in the power supply and both controllers – these are also color-coded so you can easily see which controller controls which side of the track. I timed myself and was able to fully set up a working track from the individual pieces and have it running in under three minutes, ideal for impatient kids.

Connecting Track Pieces is Easy, Image Sophie Brown
Connecting Track Pieces is Easy, Image Sophie Brown


My First Scalextric is fairly standard as a Scalextric set. The track consists of a loop with two sets of “rails”, one for each car that can be raced around. Two bridge supports are also included so you can make a figure of eight shaped track layout with one section of track passing under another.

The cars move at impressive speeds that will absolutely thrill kids (and adults) of all ages, so don’t worry about this kid-orientated set being a disappointment with slow-paced “racing”

There isn’t a huge amount of track included (a little over 8ft) but on the plus side, this makes it easier to store and set up in smaller locations. Of course, should you wish to expand your track, extra sets are always available, and given the lower price point of these sets compared to standard Scalextric, it wouldn’t be nearly as expensive to build up a larger collection of track and vehicles as it would be at full scale.

Track Layouts, Image Sophie Brown
Track Layouts, Image Sophie Brown

My First Scalextric: Looney Tunes Verdict

There are several elements that make My First Scalextric ideal for younger children and those who struggle with fine motor skills like controlling how much pressure they are using on their controller. As mentioned above, the track is easier and faster to build, but in addition to that, the pieces are more robust. Unlike traditional Scalextric vehicles, these ones are built from a single piece of sturdy, moldable plastic that makes them incredibly tough and durable. This means that should they fly off the track and into walls or furniture, they’re less likely to break – although I can’t speak to the safety of your home furnishings (or your pets, although our cats seemed fine as you can see below!)

The cars also attach to the track using magnets which significantly reduces the likelihood of them flying off the track, to begin with. One of the biggest frustrations with Scalextric has always been constantly having to retrieve cars from the corners of the room, but My First Scalextric does away with this issue almost entirely. Even running two cars at top speed around several tight corners for a long time, we had almost no derailments to speak of. The controllers also have four different speed settings built-in so if you do find yourself having any consistent derailment issues, you can adjust the top speed down to help combat that problem while still allowing kids to squeeze their controllers as hard as they want.

Another really important feature of My First Scalextric is that its small scale makes it ideal not only for young kids but also for households with limited space. Traditional Scalextric sets take up huge amounts of floor space which means they simply won’t easily fit into many kids’ bedrooms, not to mention the enormous boxes that take up vast amounts of storage space. My First Scalextric sets are small enough to fit onto a table or desk and can be packed away into a box not much larger than that of a traditional board game.

Bugs and Daffy are Ready to Race, Image Sophie Brown
Bugs and Daffy are Ready to Race, Image Sophie Brown

We have loved playing with My First Scalextric: Looney Tunes and found it convenient to set up and store and as well as being easy and incredibly fun to use. With a wide variety of themes available including James Bond and Justice League (branded as Micro Scalextric), these My First Scalextric sets will be great for kids and also anyone who’d love a Scalextric set in their life but doesn’t have space for a large setup.

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