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Brazen Comics Festival: A New Comic Convention

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Hang on to your variant covers, comic fans. There’s a new convention in town. And it’s “BRAZEN-ly” going where few have ever gone before.

Welcome to Brazen Comics Festival.

Brazen Comics Festival Logo

What is the ‘Brazen Comics Festival’?

Brazen Comics Festival is a brand new comics convention, presenting in Sydney, Australia in May 2020. It ticks all the boxes for the things we love about conventions (guests, panels, artist alleys, kids workshops) but it has an added twist.

Brazen is also a celebration of women, non-binary, and gender diverse people in comics.

That’s right, people. Brazen is going to be one huge safe space for comic fans and creators to express themselves. Women, non-binary, and gender-diverse comic fans want to be heard… and we will be!!

Where Did It Come From?

The idea of Brazen took form thanks to Meagan’s involvement in ‘Queens of Kings’, our Sydney-based comic book club (read more about my experience with Queens here). The ‘Queens’ group are amazing; a bunch of women, non-binary, and gender-diverse individuals getting together to talk about comics, graphic novels, movies, artists, and writers. I am not exaggerating when I say it is the highlight of my month.

Queens of Kings Comic Book Club
The First-Ever Queens of Kings Meet / Photo provided by M Date

Now, Queens of Kings is the creation of Siobhan from Kings Comics. Between Meagan’s work in women’s rights and Siobhan’s extensive experience within the comic book industry, these two ladies put their heads together and came up with Brazen.

So, How Big Could This Really Be?

Oh, honey. Take a seat and check out this guest list:

  • Nicola Scott
  • Maria Lewis
  • Queenie Chan
  • C.S. Pacat
  • Alisha Jade
  • Rae Johnston (MC)

Brazen Comics Festival Guest List

Already, I am impressed by this group appearing together for some amazing panel topics. Add to this an extensive collection of local creators in Artists Alley and a Kids Comics Workshop with Jemima Trappel. I have never been so excited for May to hurry up and be here!

Want To Be Part of This ‘Brazen’ Revolution?

Ticket sales will open soon so lock this date in your calendar:

Saturday, May 23rd 2020 at Redfern Town Hall (Sydney).

Adults are $20. Students / Concession / Pensioners / Kids over 12 are $12. Kids 12 and Under are FREE. The Kids Comics Workshop is an extra $10 for a 90min session aimed for ages between 8 and 12.

If you can’t attend Brazen but you still want to support this amazing event, you can chip in a few bucks with their fundraiser through Chuffed. The organisers behind Brazen are running the convention as a Not-for-Profit event, funded by ticket sales and their online fundraiser. Let’s be upfront and honest here: Anyone who thinks running their own Comic Convention is like printing their own money… Well, you’re dreaming. After speaking with Meagan and Siobhan, this is clearly a labour of love. They rightly saw a gaping hole in the events catering to a group of people often disregarded as being too niche.

Here’s the thing: there are LOTS of people who want to seem more diversity in the creative pool in the comic book industry. There are LOTS of people who want to see a greater range of story-telling, thanks to #ownvoices and supportive safe places. And most of all, there are LOTS of people who want to go to a comic book convention and enjoy themselves, without the constant harassment from those who simply cannot understand there are comic book fans who are different to them. *phew* Wave your hand if you know what I mean.

Any financial contribution is adored. And remember – if we can help make Brazen be a success, it will encourage similar events everywhere else. You could have a Brazen Comics Festival in your own town!

Final note: Applications for Artists Alley are open now – follow this link. Everyone is invited to apply however priority will be given to women, non-binary, and gender-diverse individuals.

Brazen Comics Festival hits Sydney in May, and I will be there with bells on. Make sure you tune into our Instagram account for all the highlights and features: @GeekMomBlog

** BTW: The Brazen Online Fundraiser ends on Sunday, March 8 – yes, International Women’s Day. If you are looking to support a worthy group for International Women’s Day, then throw a few dollars to the Brazen Comics Festival. Follow the link here.

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