Svaha USA Subscription Box Service: Worth the Chance

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Svaha USA is one of our favorite geeky shops here at GeekMom. Not only do they make awesome geek clothes for the entire family, but their dresses and skirts have pockets!!! Whoohoo. Today we are going to look at their new subscription box service, where you get $150 worth of products for anywhere from $50 to $60.

Each box has a hidden theme to it and can have any range of products, from clothing to bags to socks to jewelry. Everything in the box is exclusive to the subscription boxes, so you can’t buy these products separately, which adds to the exclusiveness of the boxes themselves.

Let’s breakdown what I received in my December box.

  • Augmented Reality: Paper Crane in Flight Scarf
  • She Believed She Could, So She Did by Kathy Weller
  • Celestial Keepsake Locket Necklace
  • Blast Off Into Space Socks
  • Amazing Women Pioneers Pouch
  • 6-in-1 Multi-Functioning Pen
  • Dinosaur Lapel Pins
  • Glow in the Dark Compass

My favorite item is the Celestial Keepsake Locket Necklace. I like how I can open it up and remove some planets or add something else if I want to. It’s a very pretty clear locket that I can find a place for in any outfit.

The Origami Augmented Reality Scarf is the most interesting of the items. It’s not an infinity scarf, which is the only kind of scarf I’ve really had experience with. With the Svaha app, you can see the scarf come to life, which is cool, but not something I see myself doing. This goes along with their other Augmented Reality clothing items.

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The Planet Socks are a fun addition to the box, and I really like how they match the Planet Twirl Skirt that I have from Svaha USA.

The Women of Steam Bag is cute and functional. It’s just big enough to hold my journal and some supplies.

The dino pins are also interesting. There are five total in the pack, and I think they will end up on my pin jacket that I’ve been trying to fill up.

The two smaller items, the compass, and the book, I don’t see myself keeping. They are cute additions to the box, but I could have done without them. My son saw the compass in the charity pile and claimed it very quickly for himself. The book I might gift to someone this holiday season.

Overall, I’m happy with the items that were chosen. I feel like I got the value of the box, especially with the necklace and scarf. I can’t say I liked everything (my son happily took the compass). It’s hard to find a subscription box service though where everything satisfies you all the time. For a once in a while kind of box, Svaha does a wonderful job of fulfilling their promise. You can pick up your own subscription box for $50 or subscribe and save a few bucks.

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