The Pallid Mask Offers an RPG With Your Tiki Mug

Photo courtesy of Horror in Clay

Two years ago, we introduced you to Horror in Clay, purveyors of horror-themed tiki mugs. With their next project, The Pallid Mask: King in Yellow, not only do you get a great mug, but also a custom-written D6 tabletop RPG module.

My favorite thing about Horror in Clay mugs is that they aren’t just great art—they’re filled with stories and hidden bits. For this mug, creator Jonathan Chaffin writes:

I’ve embellished the collection with additional backstory and artifacts, including a tabletop RPG module, mai tai glass from the Shores of Carcosa, and an enamel pin inspired by Elvis’s TCB logo. As incentive, and as heartfelt thanks, the rewards are not just cunning bits of practical design (glasses, pins, coasters, etc), but all of the rewards house clues and hints about the mug, plus some other fun details.

The one-shot RPG module is The Pallid Mask: Shores of Carcosa. Your task as a detective in Portland, OR is to find out what supernatural secrets might be behind the sudden appearance of the Shores of Carcosa restaurant. It includes pre-generated characters and D6 system mods along with the full scenario. A full playable demo will be available to all backers regardless of level. Thanks to hitting a stretch goal, each will also come with a custom D6.

The mugs are expected to debut at Tiki Kon in Portland this July, with Kickstarter reward shipping after that.

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