Want a Baby Yoda? ‘Mandalorian’ Merch Can Finally Be Yours

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The shirts that were briefly available on Amazon Friday.

*** Update: Merch from The Mandalorian featuring The Child is now available on these sites:

Pretty much the second he appeared on the screen, both my children yelled, “I want a baby Yoda!” Unfortunately, at the time, there were no baby Yodas* to buy. But there’s a good chance that Mandalorian merch is pretty high on your kids’ (and your own) Christmas lists.

In contrast to a few other examples of spoiler merchandise, Disney politely held back the tiny green guy goods to preserve the surprise. But now we all know, and here come the goods.

Rumors had the rollout happening yesterday, but Amazon seemed to be the first place it appeared. The magic search is “Mandalorian” and “The Child,” which is the name of the little dude thus far in the space of the show. Before 4 pm Eastern, not only were the few shirts available sold out, but the pages that hosted them were gone. Early release? Unauthorized? I’m not sure, but we’ll be watching for wider availability.

Here’s how to keep an eye out so you don’t miss your next chance:

  • Keep an eye on this post. I’ll update it as I see things appear.
  • Expected stores include Amazon, Zazzle, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Hot Topic, and Box Lunch.
  • Search for “the child” instead of (or in addition to!) “baby Yoda.” I don’t know for certain that the latter won’t work—if I were running an e-commerce site it would—but it is the official name for now.
  • The Shop Disney website lets you search by TV show.

In the meantime, if you have access to a 3D printer, several baby Yoda designs are up on Thingiverse. Get to printing and painting!

*Yes, yes, of course, I know Yoda isn’t the name of a species, and that little dude’s name probably isn’t Yoda. We all know. Of the nominations for what to call him, my current favorites are “Yittle” and, because it has no apparently good reason behind it, “Kevin.”

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