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A friend of mine asked me, “What’s SDCC like?” My response: Take NYCC, give it shots of adrenaline and growth hormone, and you have SDCC. Everything here is bigger, faster, louder, more.

If you’re not following our social media (@geekmomblog for Instagram and Twitter), then you might have missed some of these highlights. And, despite two hours of trying really, really hard to figure out how to download these videos, it appears that for now, you’re going to have to just click the links that start with

 Interview With Cat Staggs

I love Cat Staggs. Even more, as a person working in information security, I absolutely puffy heart her information security Star Wars series. So color me sparkles of excitement when I realized that not only was Ms. Staggs here in San Diego but that she had copies of her Princess Leia information security prints with her. Upside of all of that? I got to spend a few minutes interviewing her:

 Interview With Nicholas Podany

OK, so this is just the FIRST interview. I actually have 7 more minutes of talking with Nicholas, who is the lovely, well-spoken, super passionate actor portraying Albus Potter on Broadway right now. He’s pretty much everything exciting about acting, Broadway, and… SDCC.

But just wait—there’s going to be more about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child coming… we no longer have to Keep the Secret.

Interview With Woolbuddy

As a knitter and yarn spinner, anything that has to do with wool is pretty much a must-see for me. And Woolbuddy had been on my to-visit list since I started perusing the SDCC information. More surprising than anything else, the owner is a former animator who’s been a vendor at SDCC for 10+ years. If you’re looking for a crafting project for the kids to give to family for a holiday, or just really want to try out needle felting, I’m pretty sure that the kits and tutorials from Woolbuddy are right up your alley.

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