‘Dragon Ball’ World Adventure at SDCC 2019 Breaks World Record

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SDCC 2019 Dragon Ball World Adventure
World Record Kamehameha! Kicks off SDCC 2019 Dragon Ball World Adventure

Dragon Ball World Adventure at SDCC 2019

There is arguably nothing in the Anime world more iconic than the sound of Son Goku’s Kamehameha super energy attack. For millions of fans, Dragon Ball and/or its successor Dragon Ball Z ushered them into the electrifying world of Anime. The Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984, aired the first anime episode in 1986. This year at San Diego Comic-Con, Dragon Ball fans gathered on the Marriott Marina Terrace at the Marriott Marquis in hopes of setting a record for the most people performing Goku’s signature Kamehameha super energy attack simultaneously. This history-making moment set the stage for the Dragon Ball World Adventure.

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Dragon Ball History Made

To set the record, at least 250 were people needed. This historic attempt was planned for the opening of the 2019 Dragon Ball World Adventure installation co-sponsored and presented jointly by Bandai and Toei Animation. Close to 800 enthusiastic Dragon Ball fans gathered on the Marriott Marina Terrace at the Marriott Marquis on July 17th to take part in the Guinness World Records Attempt.

Sean Schemmel, the English voice of Dragon Ball character Goku, lead the successful event which included fans chanting Kamehameha as they performed the iconic battle move synchronously. Below is the video of the record-breaking moment that kicked off the ultimate celebration of the Dragon Ball franchise.



Ultimate Celebration of Dragon Ball

The Guinness World Records attempt was only the beginning of the 2019 Dragon Ball World Adventure installation tour which has been touted as the “Ultimate Celebration of Dragon Ball” included a multi-faceted collection of interactive experiences. The enormous installation included a ton of must-have collectible items, event exclusives, opportunities to play the latest Dragon Ball video games, open TCG gaming, and Dragon Ball Anime GIF Photobooth as well as a number of Instagrammable spots for Dragon Ball lovers.

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The Dragon Ball Story

Inspired by a combination of the novel Journey to the West, and Hong Kong martial arts films, the Dragon Ball series follows the adventures of Son Goku, from childhood through adulthood. Abandoned as a child on the planet Earth and raised by a kindly old man, Goku trains in martial arts and lives a secluded life of innocence in the forest. He is completely unaware that he is a part of the super-strong race of Sayian warriors.

After the death of his grandfather Gohan, Goku meets Bulma, daughter of the world’s richest man and an owner of the Capsule Corp. Bulma befriends Goku, introducing him to technology, civilization, and the Dragon Balls. Together they explore the world in search of these seven orbs, which summon a mystical dragon that will grant a single wish. Along his journey, Goku makes several other friends, including Yamcha, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, and Master Roshi. Throughout his travels, Goku battles a wide variety of villains, some of whom become friends over time, such as Piccolo, and Vegeta, others who simply desire to destroy or conquer the earth. Many, such as Emperor Pilaf, also seek the Dragon Balls.

Goku’s innocent belief in justice, fairness, and kindness has endeared him to fans the world over. The Dragon Ball Audience has watched him grow-up, fall in love, get married, and raise children to adulthood all while repeatedly saving Earth and defending those weaker than him (spoiler: that’s nearly everyone). His driving passion to be the best fighter leads him to seek out stronger opponents, yet he remains one of the truly good heroes, never fighting dirty, or resorting to bullying. This accounts for a large part of his popularity.

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Dragon Ball World Adventure Tour

Now that San Diego Comic-Con has made history, the 2019 Dragon Ball World Adventure installation will tour the world bringing the fun to additional locations around the globe including stops in New York City; Mexico City, Mexico; Cologne, Germany; Barcelona, Spain; Shanghai, China; Hong Kong, China; and Tokyo, Japan.

  • Mexico City, Mexico
    • Unboxing Toy Convention: 08/02/2019 – 08/04/2019
  • Shanghai, China
    • ChinaJoy China Intl Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference: 08/02/2019 – 08/05/2019
  • Cologne, Germany
    • Gamescom: 08/20/2019 – 08/24/2019
  • New York, U.S.
    • New York Comic Con: 10/03/2019 – 10/06/2019
  • Barcelona, Spain
    • Salón del Manga de Barcelona: 10/31/2019 – 11/03/2019

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