Zox Bands: Make a Statement

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Zox Imperial Bands \ Image: Zox Bands
Zox Imperial Bands \ Image: Zox Bands

Zox Bands are wearable pieces of art with inspiring sayings worked into the designs. Each design is a limited run, which makes them fun collector items. They come in three flavors: Straps, Singles, and Imperials.


Zox Straps \ Image: Zox Bands
Zox Straps \ Image: Zox Bands

Straps are stretchy elastic that fits over wrists up to 7.5 inches. Each one comes with a matching plastic art card and a reusable bag to protect your band when you’re not wearing it.

Unsure of what to get? You can also purchase mystery packs where you get three bands in secret pouches for $25. Since most Straps cost $10, you’re basically getting a third band for $5 and free shipping. Some of the bands in the mystery packs are never released for purchase on the website, so that’s an added bonus to buying that way.


Zox Singles \ Image: Zox Bands
Zox Singles \ Image: Zox Bands

Singles are almost the same as the Straps, but thinner and with fewer design choices at the moment and they cost $9 per band.


Imperials \ Image: Zox Bands
Imperials \ Image: Zox Bands

Imperials have a specially designed clasp that lets them fit over wrists up to 8 inches. If you order a size that is a little too big, you can unscrew the clasp and trim it down to fit your preference. They come with a reversible design and are laser engraved with a serial number on the inside. Instead of an art card, you get a collectors box to store your Imperial in.

The magnets on the Imperials are strong but I found it easy to get them loose with the right flick of my wrist. I’d like to see that aspect of the band improved.

What’s so fun about them?

Something that makes the Zox Bands fun is their community that allows you the opportunity to trade bands with fellow collectors around the world. Each piece is limited in it’s run so once it’s sold out, there’s no making it again, so trading is the only way to get one that you missed.

And thanks to a partnership with Thirst Project, you can feel good about each purchase funding a year of clean drinking water in Swaziland, the second smallest country in Africa.

Zox Bands are available from their website with free shipping on orders over $25. Subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to date on the latest releases.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample.

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