U Koala Bag Review


One of my favorite vendors at MegaCon this year was—hands down—U Koala bags. I’m a sucker for a good bag, and this one was attached to my hip the entire convention.

What Do I Like About the U Koala Bag?

The many variations of the U Koala Bag \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
The many variations of the U Koala Bag \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

Versatility is the name of this game, and the U Koala bag has it in spades. With no additional accessories needed, you can wear this as a hip bag, backpack, or over the shoulder bag. The leg strap helps keep it secure to your body so no one can just come up and yank it off you like a cheap fanny pack.

What Does the U Koala Bag Carry?

U Koala Bag Review
U Koala Bag Review \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

The main compartment fits my wallet and notebook, while the surrounding pockets hold my Kindle, Tylenol bottle, chapstick, business card wallet, trading cards, and business cards. On the backside of the bag, there is a compartment that is great for keeping your cash in if you are at a convention and don’t want that hanging around the outer pockets.

If you are a concealed carry person, the bag is designed to secure your weapon in the main compartment with the optional attachment.

What Don’t I Like?

One of the things I don’t like is that it can be a bit confusing how to transition the U Koala Bag from hip back to backpack to shoulder bag. It’s not terribly confusing if you watch the video a few times, but if you don’t practice before going out, you end up standing in the bookstore fiddling with straps wondering what the heck you are trying to accomplish (true story).

Final Thoughts on the U Koala Bag

For a bag with options, you can’t get much better than the U Koala. The ability to wear it three different ways and transition it without any trouble makes it a must-have for any bag collector. The material is durable enough for a casual day out or a trip to the great outdoors. It’s a bag that will be whatever you need it to be for the day.

The compact version is large enough for my day to day needs, but if you need to carry a little more bulk, consider looking at the standard (starting at $138.88) or expanded versions (starting at $158.88). Each version will hold a naked iPad mini (meaning an iPad mini without a case on it) in the top outer compartment.

U Koala Bags can be purchased at their virtual store or at select retailers.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample

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