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Four Indie Subscription Boxes You Should Check Out

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Subscription box main.
Left: A tank top from Jordandené. Middle top: Makeup from Darling Girl Cosmetics. Middle bottom: Makeup from Hello Waffle Cosmetics. Right: Bath and body products from Fortune Cookie Soap. Image by Elizabeth MacAndrew.

I love getting subscription boxes, and I know I’m not alone on this. There’s a fair number of choices out there, including boxes that cater to geeks. While boxes like Loot Crate, the Funko boxes, FanMail (before the company switched the box to being Charmed based), are very well known, there are some choices out there you may not know about but should check out.


Jordandene tank.
Jordandené’s February Shirt/Tank of the Month was ‘Captain Marvel’ themed.

Based out of Brooklyn, Jordandené from Jordan Ellis offers clothing items for men and women (and some other accessories and household items) with quotes from pop culture favorites. GeekMom previously featured an article about the company. As a petite woman, I am very fond of their tank tops in particular because they’re pretty long in length and layer great. Most unisex clothing feels frumpy on me, but not Jordandené’s offerings.

What’s in the subscription? Every month, a new limited edition shirt design is released. You can choose a t-shirt or a tank top.

How much is it? $20 plus shipping.

Can I get the items without a subscription? Yes, although the subscription does save you 20%.

Where do I sign up? You can get the monthly shirt on its own or start a subscription right here.

Other items you should check out: I am particularly fond of the $10 Grab Bags as well as their mug collection.

Fortune Cookie Soap

Fortune Cookie Soap Box.
Two of Fortune Cookie Soap’s FCS of the Month Boxes. Left: February’s Quarterly Wonderland Box included cuticle butter, a charcoal face mask, deep conditioner, a perfume oil, a liquid shampoo, and a fortune cookie soap. March’s Monthly Leave Room for Magic Box included a perfume oil, body frosting, shimmer body wash, and charcoal whipped soap.

My husband and PayPal account can testify to my love for Oklahoma based company Fortune Cookie Soap run by husband/wife team Justin and Shannon Prokop and their crew of “Soap Fairies.” Fortune Cookie Soap offers hand made and cruelty-free bath and body products (they are also Leaping Bunny certified) many with a pop culture theme to them.

What’s in the subscription? The monthly box comes with 3 deluxe samples and a full-size product. Every three months a quarterly box with a pop culture theme includes 5 deluxe samples and a Fortune Cookie Soap.

How much is it? $16.95 with free shipping for US customers and $8 shipping for International. Each box contains $40 worth of product, and a $10 coupon code will be emailed to you when the box ships. Skipping months is also very easy to do.

Can I get the items without a subscription? Yes. Towards the end of the month, a full launch with full sizes of box items and other products in the same scents will release. The box does allow you to test out all of the scents beforehand, however.

Where do I sign up? Sign-up for the FCS of the Month Box right here.

Other items I should check out: A full launch calendar of upcoming collections can be found here. I also recommend checking out their collection of “Fortune Cookie Soaps” that gave the company their name as well as the discontinued “Smell You Later” section. Looking for “man” friendly stuff? Try checking out Justin’s Rooster Collection.

Darling Girl Cosmetics

Darling Girl Cosmetics.
The March St. Patrick’s Day Shenanigans Glittergram from Darling Girl Cosmetics included the following listed in order from top to bottom swatch: On the Tear Pucker Paint, Fluthered Pigment, Guinness Pigment, Effin’ and Blindin’ Pigment, and Pissed Pigment.

I am a big fan of indie makeup that’s cruelty-free and had already been buying from Darling Girl Cosmetics by Susan Woodall when she launched her own subscription box called Glittergrams last year. I was part of the first group to sign up.

What’s in the subscription? A selection of makeup items centered around a theme that’s often pop culture or holiday related. Each box usually contains a lip item and a number of loose pigments. Sometimes samples of other products are included as well.

How much is it? $15 for US customers, $20 for Canadian, $25 for International. Shipping is included in the pricing. Box contents are usually worth between $25 and $30 dollars.

Can I get the items without a subscription? Items will occasionally be released for non-subscribers to buy, but you get a better price with your subscription. Each box also includes a 15% off your next order coupon.

Where do I sign up? You can sign up for Glittergrams right here.

Other items I should check out: I feel like you can never go wrong with the grab bags when they are available. One of my favorite Darling Girl products is the Pucker Paint Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I also love turning loose pigments into Liquid Lipstick with the Lip Lock Mixing Medium or using the Superstar Serum to turn pigment into liquid eyeliner.

Hello Waffle Cosmetics

Hello Waffle Visage Box.
The March Visage Box from Hello Waffle Cosmetics included the following in order from top to bottom swatches: The Tulgey Wood Lip Colour, O Frabjous Day Loose Blush, Jubjub Bird Loose Highlight, Mome Raths Eyeshadow, Bandersnatch Eyeshadow, Slithy Toves Eyeshadow, and Vorpal Eyeshadow.

Named for Waffle, a cat belonging to the original owner of Hello Waffle Cosmetics, Christine. Hello Waffle was transferred to Caitlin of Shiro Cosmetics when a day job opportunity would no longer allow Christine to run the company. Hello Waffle is another cruelty-free indie makeup company. I had already been a fan of Shiro Cosmetics, and found myself checking out Hello Waffle after it had been transferred.

What’s in the subscription? The Visage Box from Hello Waffle includes a selection of products for your face, lips, and eyes that combine for a full look. They have a uniting theme (sometimes pop culture related). One item will come from another indie makeup guest company.

How much is it? For full sizes, $30 a month with shipping to anywhere in the world gets you $40-$45 dollars worth of product. Smaller sample sizes of the same products come in $12 dollars with shipping for US customers and $18 with shipping for International customers with $15 worth of product.

Can I get the items without a subscription? A limited quantity of Visage extras are released into the site.

Where do I sign up? You can sign up for a Visage Box right here.

Other items I should check out: Find Visage Box extras on this page. Cat lovers should also check out the Kitty Kingdom v4 Collection or the Fairy Tails and Pawpular Literature Collection. Shiro Cosmetics also offers some leftover full Visage boxes which you can find here.

Have you tried any of these subscription boxes or are you thinking of signing up for one? Are there any others that you love? Let us know in the comments.

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