‘Wiz-Dom’ Is a Kid-Friendly RPG That Makes Learning Magical


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This post was sponsored by Wiz-Dom.

Wiz-Dom is an imaginative hybrid Role-Playing Game (RPG) and educational tool that combines the best parts of a kid-friendly fantasy game with problem solving.

Wiz-Dom is playable as either a tabletop game or an online game, where you play one of a set of 8 characters (4 male and 4 female) who enter the School of Wizardry where they solve problems, pass tests, and earn valuable items so they can ultimately fight the monsters in the Cave of Secrets in d20-based RPG-style combat. The spin is that the problems are based on school subjects, like math and history, so that while kids are playing the game, they’re also demonstrating their mastery of educational concepts. It’s like magic!

Here’s the rundown from the Indigogo campaign they’re running right now to help them finish development:

Rules Summary

  • 1-3 Players can play Wiz-Dom. As an educational game, Wiz-Dom can be played either in school or at home.
  • Players choose the Heros, who will be their avatar when they enter the School of Wizards.
  • The Game Master selects the subject (eg. Math, History, Trivia), then assembles the Exercise Deck.
  • Let the game begin! As players progress on the board, they receive Exercise and Fortune Cards. The game also encourages and rewards cooperation, which is one of the most important soft skills a child can learn.
  • Exercise cards have Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels. Each Player gets 1 question. They can choose from four available solutions, plus they can ask for help.
  • Success is rewarded by receiving Rune Gold and Magic Items.
  • Players can spend their Rune Golds on Magic Items, Spells, Level Advancements, Weapons and Armor at the Magic Rental, after completing the game board.
  • Finally, players can defend the school from attacking monsters in the Cave of Secrets, using the rewards and loot they received. The Combat part is very easy: you can move steps equal to your Move, and you can use 1 card (Weapon, Spell or Item) in your turn. You use the almighty d20 (20-sided dice) to determine the outcome of your attacks.


  • So far we have created 8 Character cards (4 girls, 4 boys)
  • 53 Item cards,
  • 20 Spell cards,
  • 36 Fortune cards
  • and 90 Exercise Cards of 4th Grade Maths.

Wiz-Dom Online is the video game version, accessible from a computer or mobile device. Players can enjoy the game in hot-seat mode, solving the Exercises and defeating the monsters together, against the computer. It uses exactly the same rules as the boardgame version, but you can play it any time, anywhere.


Please don’t forget we are still in beta mode! Recommended and supported browser: latest Chrome.

The two game modes can be merged as a hybrid solution, when the players use the game board and the computer at the same time. The benefit of this is that Wiz-Dom Online saves the game progress, player rewards, points and character advancements in the cloud, while players can enjoy owning palpable game elements.

We are committed to education and role-playing. We have also put 30 years of academic teaching practice, and 50 years as parents and grandparents of 6 children into the game that is called Wiz-Dom.


I love the idea that they have both a tabletop and an online version, and that you can even play both at the same time, so you can save your game status and come back later. And the idea that a teacher can use this game in a classroom, and customize the decks for whatever subjects they want, makes it a wonderful educational tool to get young learners even more engaged. Plus, the geek cred of getting kids into RPGs at a young age is awesome!

Wiz-Dom is running as an Indiegogo campaign right now, looking to raise about $20k to finish development of the complete game, and you can help out and get a fun new way to combine gaming and learning with your kids, too. Check it out!

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