Gadget Bits: Soliom’s Solar Wi-Fi Camera Gives You Vision Without Wires (w/ a 20% Off Coupon)


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Soliom Solar Wi-fi Camera

The Soliom S60 solar IP camera solves the problem of getting power to your outdoor security cameras with a completely cable-free installation.

What Is It

The Soliom S60 is a wireless camera designed for outdoor use. It delivers 1080p hi-def video, with motion-detection and night vision, all standard components on similar cameras on the market. What makes the S60 stand apart is the two solar panels that keep a 4,000 mAh internal battery charged up, so it doesn’t need any power cables run to remote places around your house.

Soliom InstalledHow Does It Work

It’s pretty simple. Plug an SD card (not included) in for internal storage, download and install the app (iOS or Android), turn on the camera (which you should charge up via USB for the first time), pick your network, and add the camera. The app uses a cool audio transmission to relay your network info to the camera and get it online (you just have to make sure your phone’s volume is turned up, so the camera can hear the tones – a mistake I made the first time). That’s it – you can have it up and running in just a few moments.

With that done, you can see the video from the camera on your phone, and you can figure out where you want to mount it. You just want to make sure it will be in direct sunlight for some part of the day, so it’ll recharge the battery. It’s useful as a front door camera, because with the motion control and notifications, you can see anyone who comes to the door, and use the audio capability to speak to them in real time. The camera comes with a mounting arm with a ball joint so you can mount it wherever you need it.

Soliom Outdoor ShotHow Do You Like It

I was impressed with the quick and easy setup. Once I’d properly read the instructions about the audio setup and turned the volume on my phone up, it literally took under 5 minutes from turning it on, to having it ready for use. The mounting bracket was easy to install on some wood trim, and the video looks good. I do wish it had HomeKit so I didn’t have to so to a specific, single-use app to view it. It would also be nice to be able to use it as a webcam, and access it via a browser, but that’s a minor quibble.

All-in-all, it fits into a nice niche for people who want to be able to upgrade their home security without running a bunch of wiring. It’s perfect for folks who rent their homes, who want to be able to take their equipment with them when they move on.

And thanks to the folks at Soliom, you can get one for 20% off with the special coupon code 20OFFCAM.

The Soliom S60 retails for $139 on Amazon (so it’s about $111 with the coupon).

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