Pinna Provides Ad-Free, Curated Audio Content for Kids


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Pinna is the first curated, ad-free, streaming service for podcasts, audiobooks and music for ages 3 to 8.
Pinna is the first curated, ad-free, streaming service for podcasts, audiobooks and music for ages 3 to 8.
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The newly released entertainment service from Pinna provides all kinds of audio content designed for children between 3 and 8. Including podcasts, audiobooks and music from both well-known brands, and a growing library of award-winning originals, Pinna content is specifically chosen to encourage active and engaged listening – hopefully inspiring further discussions and learning.

Pinna is available now in the iOS app store, and an Android version is expected very soon. After a 30-day free trial, subscriptions are available for $7.99 per month or $79.99 for an annual plan. For complete information visit

Parents are increasingly looking for options to balance the amount of screen time and other entertainment activities their children access daily. The rising popularity of podcasts among all ages proves there is an appetite for audio-led, imagination-activating, immersive storytelling. Pinna’s audio network of podcasts, stories and songs encourages active listening, conversation, social interaction and imaginative play. In this one app, parents can trust they’ll find quality, age-appropriate entertainment in a variety of audio formats and story lengths spanning all of their favorite themes while covering multiple age levels — all free from ads.
— Maggie McGuire, CEO of Pinna

The Pinna service has launched with over a thousand pieces of audio content, both original and from partners that include Scholastic, Highlights, American Public Media, and others. One of the Pinna originals, the ExtraBLURT podcast invites kids to play along with immersive trivia games while Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest, asks real kids to guess how a story might develop. Other originals and exclusives already include several award-winning titles including the Peabody Award-winning podcast The Unexplained Disappearance of Mars Patel. Pinna’s library is responsive to the popular types of content in the current world of entertainment with some programs released as weekly episodes, some daily, and some released as an entire season for binge listening.

The current library of content is based on the developmental and entertainment needs of children from age three through eight, employing a high-touch curation process that ensures all content is entertaining and age-appropriate. Future expansion of the Pinna library will increase the age-range and continue to grow to keep each level of child development engaged with an appropriate selection.

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