Frozen 2

‘Frozen 2’ Teaser Trailer Leaves Us in Wonder and With Questions

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Frozen 2
Image copyright Disney

Disney has finally released a teaser for the upcoming Frozen 2 and despite being just a teaser, it’s beautiful to watch from the beginning with the waves to the ending with Anna grabbing Krisoff’s sword.

There is no further information on the movie, but as you can see from the trailer, Elsa looks to be testing her powers to see just how strong she really is. Will this result in her making another mistake and having to learn the lesson while fixing it or will this play into a bigger part of the plot regarding the villain? Will there be another song like, “Let It Go” that will capture the hearts of moviegoers?

Or the big question fans have been asking since the first Frozen we released is will Elsa be getting a girlfriend?

We can only guess at this point, but the real question to ask is, can Disney strike gold twice with these characters?

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