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Domino #9

The Story So Far:

In Domino #9, Domino, Diamondback, & Outlaw are finally back aboard their riverboat The Painted Lady, having just wrapped up a job they’d accepted from Shoon’kwa, a Wakandan expatriate. Actually, it might be more accurate so say they were nearly killed stopping a Vampire Apocalypse because their employers failed to mention a tiny detail… the Vampires. Shoon’kwa reacted the way most employers would when the mercenaries they hired to simply retrieve a box complete the job by stopping a Global Vampire Resurgence. She offered them another job.

Creative Team:

Written by Gail Simone     Art by David Baldeon     Cover by Gang Hyuk Lim

Issue Rating: 5/5

I’d recommend grabbing a copy of this at your LCBS, if you don’t have it on your pull list. The cover art alone is worth the price and the memorial to Stan Lee makes it a must for any True Believer.  Gang Hyuk Lim did a goregous job on this cover. It’s pure kinetic energy! Thankfully, my favorite local shop, Krum’s makes sure I never miss a first run cover.  Good thing, because my holidays were nuts and I love this cover!

From MAJK’s Coffee Corner: 

I’m loving Gail Simone’s writing in this Domino series. I mean, who doesn’t love Gail’s writing?

Domino has long been one of my favorite characters since I discovered her on a card in my Marvel Universe series 1 trading cards about a billion years ago. Yes, I still have that complete series. Of all the incarnations, I like Simone’s best. I love her snark, her confidence, her insecurities, and most especially the interaction with her team.

Their friendship is truly a “ride or die” kind of friendship, but not the blind kind. They’ll argue with Domino, try to talk her out of things but whatever the choice she makes, they’ll have her back the whole way. There’s not enough female friendships in comics written this well.

Spoiler Warning: If you have not read Domino #9 There May Be Spoilers Below

Skill Vs Luck

Today is Marvel Monday, and Domino #9 came out Dec. 19, 2018.

I think it’s a safe bet that if you are a Domino fan, you’ve read this issue. If you haven’t, I reserve the right to call you a slacker. I mean this issue has been out like two weeks. Okay, Okay. Takes one to know one, Am I right? I’m still catching up on my reads from the holidays so you get a pass this round.

Domino #7 started this story arc and I’m kind of loving Shoon’kwa. She started as a very confident, very savvy businesswoman. Sure, she kept the whole “mass of vicious vampires bent on global domination” thing a secret but she had her reasons. She was also chill about our ladies opening the box she sent them after which she did expressly request they not do.

In Domino #9, Shoon’kwa displays her warrior abilities which, given that her mother was a Dora Milaje, are nothing short of impressive. Shoon’kwa and Domino have strong ideological differences over the upcoming job. Shoon’kwa wants the target dead, Domino is not so sure that’s necessary. Shoon’kwa decides battle will force Domino to submit. Clearly, this young woman doesn’t understand Domino at all. Still Shoon’kwa’s determination and skill nearly best our lucky lady but Neena is more than just a pale, pretty face.

Domino outsmarts Shoon’kwa. Although Shoon’kwa loses the match, she wins some genuine respect from Domino. That’s kind of a big deal because Neena isn’t exactly passing that stuff out like candy. The two come to an agreement about the mission and Shoon’kwa elects to join Domino on the mission. Domino allows it but is clearly worried.

Luck Vs Luck

Taking into account that the target for this mission is Longshot, I get Neena’s concern. I also agree ten thousand percent with her assessment of the depth of his mullet crimes. Seriously, I’d be thrilled to see Marvel update that Joe Dirt hairstyle because, otherwise, Longshot’s a cool guy.

Well, he was a cool guy, before he called Domino a liar and a minion.

Also, can someone explain why Neena suddenly has four arms in panel two, on page seventeen of Domino #9? I get that it has something to do with the mess that is Longshot’s brain but it wasn’t really clear what exactly he was seeing or why. I missed the visual entirely the on the first read through but there’s a definite difference between Domino in panel one and panel two.

Domino tries to remind Longshot who she is but whoever he is seeing in her place, it is definitely not our girl. Number one, you wouldn’t catch Domino dead in fur leg warmers, and whatever that funky headdress is that he appears to be visualizing. Number two, he never uses her name. Unfortunately, Longshot isn’t cooperating. To be fair, visualizing her in that hideous outfit alone is reason enough for a swift kick in the gut. Fashion in combat is a serious business.

If you’ve ever wondered what might occur if Domino faced off against another person with her luck ability, Domino #9 might be the issue for you.

For those of you unfamiliar with Longshot, his name says it all. Longshot has a probability field manipulation power. That basically means he can affect probability fields using psionic means. He more or less gives himself “good luck” whereas Neena often gives her opponents “bad luck” as well as giving herself good luck. It’s doubtful that they’ll cancel each other out and just have to settle for a good old fashion fist fight, but a girl can hope.

Unfortunately, Longshot is not at his best. Just the fact that he’s even talking to Mojo, you know – that disgusting media sleaze that Longshot normally hates, is a bit of a clue. I’ll skip giving you the outcome of the face off. Partially because, it’s totally worth seeing in the comic the way that David Baldeon draws it. Also, because I’m not convinced this fight is over yet. The Domino #10 cover kind of implies there’s more to come.

Stan’s Soapbox

Inside the back cover, be sure to catch a real blast from the past. There’s a vintage Stan’s Soapbox posted on the last page. I have to admit, I got a bit misty eyes reading it. It discusses Marvel’s purpose in putting out the stories they produce. Marvel was a pretty big part of my growing up and influenced more than a few of my rather strong beliefs about personal responsibility, equality, and the value of diversity.

MAJK’s Age Recommendation:

I tend to stick with the Marvel recommendation of 12+ years of age for this series.

Best Line:

“So he used to rock a Mullet. That’s no reason to kill a man, is it?”


The fight between Longshot and Domino is far from over. I’m hoping she can bring him to his senses before she has to kill him.

Next Issue: Next issue will be available January 9, 2019

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