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Review: “Domino #8:” Blood for Humanity

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Domino #8 hit store shelves today
Domino #8 hit store shelves today

Domino #8

Written by: Gail Simone

Art by: David Baldeon

Cover by Jesus Aburtov

The Story So Far:

When we last saw our trio of lovely ladies, they were bobsledding through the frozen wilds in Eastern Norway on a mission to retrieve a box for Shoon’kwa without opening it. The girls were having a bit of fun when they were attacked by the ugliest bridal party you could imagine. Shoon’kwa somehow forgot to mention that there were vampires guarding the box she wanted.

Now, when Domino makes a deal, she generally sticks to it but you can’t just leave out important information like blood sucking guards. Stuff like that makes a woman want to know… what’s in the box.

WARNING: From here down there may be spoilers for anyone who has not already read Domino #8.

MAJK says:

Domino #8 came out today and I can’t say enough good about this series!

Inez, Rachel, and Neena – commonly known as Outlaw, Diamondback, and Domino respectively – make up the best all-female team that I’ve seen in ages. They aren’t perfect, but they’ve got each other’s backs… all the damn way.

Domino’s the leader, no doubt, but the team comes first. Diamondback and Outlaw are pretty close to polar opposites in personality and upbringing which often leaves Domino the tie-breaking vote on things. For example, the decision to open the box.

Domino #8 is the second part in the “Soldier of Fortune” arc. We covered part one in October and now we are rolling forward. As we discovered the last issue, the box contains a person. This is real problem for Domino who has a bit of a thing about people being kept in a box or a cage. The quandary is hell for a woman still dealing with PTSD from being locked away as a child.

Domino can’t help having Human Decency, and it sends her flying through a mirror. Morbius might be a Nobel peace prize winner but he is still a vampire. In this case, he’s a vampire who’s been drugged and buried – meaning he’s starving. With the fate of humanity on the line, Domino sacrifices her own blood to learn what threat they are facing and how to end it.

Domino #8 takes us from Norway, to Frankfurt, to a nudist beach, and into the depths of the ocean, where our ladies will face down thousands of horrors to destroy the one creature behind a plot to weaponize Morbius and wipe humanity from the face of the Earth.

Simone’s writing for Domino #8 remains stellar, as it has been this entire series. While this series offers up solid action, and crazy adventures; it’s also about Domino’s relationship with her team. We see these ladies as more than superheroes and their friendship is the heart of this series. There’s a beautiful moment on the beach with Inez and Rachel just before they head into battle that reminds us just how human these women are.

The issue keeps the excitement rolling without stalling the action or boring the audience. The intricate plot for exterminating humanity leaves little doubt as to why Shoon’kwa wanted the girls to deliver the box unopened. Now the secret is out and Our ladies are taking matters into their own hands (as if that is unusual).

They aren’t angels, they’ve not led charitable lives but they aren’t backing down when the moment comes to save the world, no matter how terrified they are. They do what they came to do and they do it together because they’ve made that choice.

As I said in my last review – I love Baldeon’s art in this series. Between Simone’s writing and Baldeon’s art, this series is like Thelma and Louise with more action, better adventures, and no cliff. I’m collecting this baby issue by issue. I’ll be here until they turn off the lights on this series (Dear Marvel, that is NOT a suggestion).

If you are just now checking this series out. I recommend you pre-order Domino Vol. 1: Killer Instinct (collects issues 1-5) to get you caught up and reduce the back issues that you need to find. It comes out on November 30, 2018. Also, be sure to grab Domino Annual #1 for your collection as well.

Best Line: “I’m not gonna get infected, right? I’m pale enough already.”

Next Issue: December 19, 2018

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