Deadpool and Other Snowflake Ideas for This Holiday Season

It’s winter time again. Time to make the snowflakes! Images: Lisa Kay Tate

In my yearly hunt for paper snowflakes, one design fell right in front of my face during the teaser for the PG-13 Deadpool 2 recut, Once Upon a Deadpool, floating into theatres for a limited engagement December 12.

The trailer starts, like many holiday classics, with a little flurry of snowflakes themed for the story. Look closely, and you’ll notice these simple Deadpool flakes have an irregular twist. There’s a six-pointed exterior with a symmetric two-sided image that doesn’t fit with the fold.

These designs are actually easy to achieve, and you can do this with any plain snow flake design and a favorite character image. Using this Merry Merc with a Mouth as an example, here’s how to make one:

Find or design a six-sided generic snowflake, but leave a straight, solid center along the center tip as shown with this Deadpool flake template:


If you need help folding a six-sided snowflake before cutting, there are several how-to fold tutorials available online.

Once the flake is cut, you’ll have a big, solid piece in the middle. This is ready for your two-sided symmetrical design. Fold the flake in the center and cut out two sides with scissors or a small precision knife. Open it up, and there’s a flaky Deadpool. If you want to emphasize the character design, place some colored tissue or wrapping paper behind the center.

Cut the snowflake first, then fold the middle to cut the logo.

Now try it with other favorite character symbols, such as the Justice League or X-Men.

So far, there has only been a very light snowfall of geeky flakes out there, although I did find some fun Nobel Physicist designs from Symmetry Magazine I hadn’t seen before, as well as other science-centric templates from astronauts to Erlenmeyer Flasks from the Franklin Institute. has some Avengers and DC-inspired designs from 2016.

Even though Disney stacked the deck with family movies this holiday and Christmas season, they didn’t release any good designs for The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, Mary Poppins Returns, or Ralph Breaks the Internet. There are some cute Snowgie designs from Frozen on their family site. There is a simple snowflake how-to with a downloadable activity packet from Disney’s Nutcracker that is good for beginners.

For anime fans, the newest design from The Nifty Nerd celebrates My Neighbor Totoro. Anthony Herrera’s Star Wars designs also have a new batch for 2018.

Take a simple flake and add a logo for a superhero theme. Image: Lisa Kay Tate.

Deadpool might still not be completely family friendly, but hopefully, this snowflake design will inspire some all-ages favorites this season.

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