How Well Do You Know Your Sci-Fi and Fantasy Eggs?


‘Tis the season for egg hunts, egg dying, and hard-boiled egg eating! 

In the worlds of fantasy, science fiction, video games, and many classic tales, eggs have been an important part of the plot. They bode mystery, represent a rebirth, celebrate the future, or hide hidden treasure. In celebration of these simple and important items, find out how well you know your fictional eggs with a fun weekend quiz:

1. The first season of what fantasy series ended with three long-dormant eggs hatching with a magical combination of fire and blood magic?

2. Since 2016, millions of people have been capturing, incubating, and hatching the eggs of what little creatures that inspired a wildly popular augmented reality mobile game?

3. In the book and movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the competitors in the Triwizard Tournament had to hold magical golden eggs underwater to properly hear and understand the song of what mythical beings?

4. The large nasty Ovomorph (egg) is the first stage of development just before Facehugger then eventually into a Crusher or Queen in what horror sci-fi movie franchise?

5. According to both the novel and the movie it inspired, in order to create these animals, the DNA preserved in mosquitoes trapped in amber had to be inserted into eggs to be grown and hatched. Frog DNA was added to fill in the missing gaps. What type of animals were then hatched, and what was the name of the original book and movie?

6. One of the most disturbing egg-like items in manga and anime is the “Beherit,” items created in the Abyss from “droplets of ideas that have spilled from (sea) to eternity.” They are covered with eerie faces and are sometimes referred to as the “Egg of the King.” These were featured in what dark and influential manga and anime?

7. “A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid” was the way what character described an egg in a riddle, and in what classic novel? Hint: this is one of the riddles also featured in this story’s movie adaptation.

Can you guess where you would hunt for these Easter eggs? Image: Lisa Tate

8. Some fans of this insanely adorable science fiction character were very disappointed by his actions when he couldn’t stop chowing down on the unfertilized eggs of the Frog Lady. Who is he and what is the series?

9. Long before Harry Potter was even born, what animal expert wizard and member of Hufflepuff House helped a muggle friend pay for his bakery by giving him silver eggshells from the dragonlike beast known as an occamy?

10. In 2019 and 2021, players of what multiplayer post-apocalyptic game could take part in a special hunt searching for colorful Easter egg versions of Deathclaw eggs?

How well did you do?

Did you hatch a winner or do you have egg on your face? Were the questions “over easy” or were they pretty “hard-boiled”? Click here for the Egg Quiz Answer Key to find out.

Whether you celebrate Easter, welcome the beautiful days of spring, or just want to enjoy a few nummy eggs for breakfast, may this weekend hatch some happy memories for you and everyone you love.

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