ConnectSense Announces the Smart Outlet²

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Power your major award with the ConnectSense Smart Outlet². Image credit: Patricia Vollmer

GeekMom is happy to help announce today’s launch of ConnectSense’s newest addition to the Internet of Things: The Smart Outlet².

“Hey, what does that mean? Smart Outlet Squared? Is it a Smart Outlet times another Smart Outlet?”

I’m guessing it’s to make clear that this is an upgrade from last year’s model. Last year I made the unusual case to give a smart outlet as a holiday gift. I introduced the original Smart Outlet by ConnectSense, but I had expressed some disappointment that the Smart Outlet integrated well with my iOS devices, but since our home is Alexa-enabled, our A Christmas Story-inspired Leg Lamp was feeling rather lonely not having Alexa give it orders like she could our Christmas tree, thermostat, front porch camera, and several other lights in the house.

Adam Justice of ConnectSense has been working on numerous improvements to his original concept, and today is announcing the Smart Outlet² featuring not just Siri and Apple HomeKit connectivity, but now you can use the outlet with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In addition, while last years app was only available for iOS devices, this year we get to try it out with Android devices as well.

My review sample of the Smart Outlet² just arrived yesterday and this weekend I plan to hook it up to my leg lamp and see how much more it can do. I can’t wait to say “Alexa, turn on Leg Lamp.” Stay tuned!

GeekMom was provided a complimentary sample of the ConnectSense Smart Outlet² for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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