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HubPlus Portable Charger – Have Cables. Will Travel.

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myCharge  Images courtesy of myChargea
myCharge Images courtesy of myChargea

Let’s talk chargers. I’ve reviewed quite a few of them (and after this review, I have two more to write up). I have specific criteria on what makes or breaks a good battery charger.

Weight – It can’t be heavy enough to double as a doorstop.
Battery strength – How many charges can I get out of it?
Extra features – Does it have a flashlight? Built-in storage? Cables?
Re-charge time – How long does it take to re-charge it once my son drains it dry?
Total charges – How many charges can you get out of it before having to replace it?

Let’s see how myCharge HubPlus makes the cut.

Weight – At 0.5lbs it’s not a doorstop but it’s not as light as a feather either.
Battery strength – It will give your smartphone an extra four lives.
Extra features – Built-in lightning and micro USB cables and (1) USB port for another device to plug into.
Re-charge time – 3.5 hours
Total charges- You can recharge it from 0 – 100 around 500 times before you need to replace it.

What I don’t like:

  • It’s heavy.
  • Built in cables are short. This is not a charger you put in your pocket and continue to use your phone with.

What I like:

  • Despite the shortness of the cables, I still like that they are built into the charger. I’ve packed my external charger, went into a theme park, and realized too late I forgot the charging cable.
  • (4) extra charges for my phone means my husband and I don’t have to carry our own external batteries when we go out.
  • It has built-in wall prongs to charge itself.
  • My iPhone 7 plus (not on airplane mode or battery saver mode) jumped 20% in 20-minutes.

If you break down the price, for $80 you get at least 500 recharges on the device which equals out to $0.16 per charge. And for each of those charges of the device itself, you get four charges of your smart device.

When deciding on an external battery, the major perk of choosing this one over another are the built-in cables. For me, this feature alone outweighs the complaints about the weight and the cable length. If I need a longer cable I can take one, but it’s nice to know that if I forget my cable, I’m not lugging around a useless brick. My other favorite feature is that it has built-in prongs to just plug into the wall when it needs re-charging. I have enough cables around my house without needing another for my charger.

myCharge HubPlus is available on myCharge’s website and on Amazon for $79.99.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample.

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