‘Soccer School Season 2: Where Soccer Explains (Saves) the World’ With Coaches Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton

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Soccer School Season 2 \ Image: Candlewick Press
‘Soccer School Season 2’ \ Image: Candlewick Press

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This season, we are learning more about our bodies and we dive into topics ranging from health to history to engineering, to psychology to recovery. And all from the view of a soccer player. Coaches Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton do a great job again taking serious topics and explaining them with humor and fun illustrations to their youthful audience.

To start, it kicks off with the importance of hydration.

In my home state of Florida, hydration is heavily pushed because of how hot it is year round for us. Did you know that the color of your pee can tell you how hydrated you are? Yuppers and Soccer school tells you all about it. It also tells you all about the other things your urine can tell you, like what kind of tests can be performed to tell you if you have health problems and how healthy you are.

This book has its serious moments though, and it hits it with sections like religious studies.

Under the religious studies section, players learn things like losing is just as important as winning, and giving thought to something larger than ourselves (a team, for instance). It’s a nice way to think of something that would otherwise be a sensitive topic.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get your child to read about science and the world around them, look no further than Soccer School Season 2. It’s a fun and educational way of covering a diverse set of topics without taking itself too seriously.

Soccer School Season 2 is out now by Candlewick Press. While you’re at it, check out its companion, Soccer School Season 1.

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