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Image vis Six Flags

When you name a ride after Harley Quinn, like SpinSanity, and it is kinda insane, you know you’ve done a good job. Spinsanity at Six Flags New England, open to the public for the first time this weekend, is an extreme pendulum ride that swings guests back and forth, higher and higher, at up to 70 miles per hour. You will scream.

I was on the first ride, to experience all this first-hand. at the grand opening Thursday and, yes, I screamed.

Fun facts about the ride include:

  • Reaching speeds of nearly 70 miles per hour, it ranks as one of the fastest attractions at Six Flags New England
  • The ride swings back and forth while rotating counterclockwise; and
  • As guests swing higher and higher, they experience a feeling of weightlessness at 147 feet in the air before plunging down from 15 stories.

As to that last, I can attest: you will feel weightless too. How terrified depends.

I far preferred the weightless feeling when I was staring up at the great blue sky than when I was looking down at the pavement so far below. Don’t fear, however. The ride has two safety measures, one being the body harness, and then a mechanical belt for the harness should it fail. I say this because I love thrill rides but I’m also anxious about them and I like to know the safety measures. I suspect some of you are like that as well.

Gotham City at Six Flags New England
Entering Gotham. Beware! The villains have most of the rides! Image by Corrina Lawson

The SpinSanity ride is part of a re-branding of an area of the Six Flags New England park as Gotham City. SpinSanity is located next to the Joker 4-D ride and kitty-corner to the newly renamed Riddler’s Revenge thrill coaster. Just beyond this is the familiar Batman: The Dark Knight roller coaster.

Six Flags Riddler's Revenge
My son headed off to Riddler’s Revenge. Image copyright Corrina Lawson

The bungee slingshot ride (which costs extra) is now called Nightwing and that is also aptly named because of Dick Grayson’s past as a circus trapeze artist.

It’s not just the coasters either but the smaller rides that have been rebranded to belong in Gotham. (No Joker funhouse as yet but that might be a bit too scary and realistic. Well, for me it would be!)

The rebranding plus the new rides add to the experience of visiting this corner of the park, allowing a bit more immersion into a fantasy world. Bonus, there was a high striker/strength test game in the Gotham City area. Everyone is a winner in this game. The catch is that it costs $5. But that’s okay because it has some very cool prizes:

GCPD hat from Six Flags New England
Gotham City Police Department Hat. Image via Corrina Lawson

Six Flags New England is now open daily for the summer season, including the Hurricane Harbor Water Park, which is just past Gotham City.

Tickets, single day or season passes, can be purchased online or at the park

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