‘Geekasaurus’ April 25th, 2018 – The Walking Sick

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Isn’t life great? We were fortunate enough to be blessed with sickness, and for some of us the full on flu, all at the same time.

The family that hacks up a lung together has fun together is what probably nobody has ever said, and yet here I am, saying it. We were having such a good time all needing a mom to care for us simultaneously that we decided to push back the Dinosaurs very first birthday party; choosing to throw a private sickness celebration instead.

It’s a very exclusive type of shindig. You have to be sick to get in. There is a dress code consisting of dirty, sweaty pajamas, which take time to make and can’t just be thrown together at the last minute. All the refreshments are variations of soup, tea, and toast. It’s très chic, I assure you. Maybe next year we can do it all again!

On second thought. Let’s not.

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