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I have a toddler. Today is apparently a tantrum day.

The switch between sweet and sour flips back and forth in an instant. One second, she wants to snuggle. The next, she’s throwing handfuls of uncooked pasta that she pulled from the pantry shelf all over the kitchen and living room. Then she asks for juice, with a “please.” It’s cute, until she takes a sip and demands a different juice, more juice, ketchup, cereal, bananas, toast; all remaining uneaten. She just wants stuff. I’m also not allowed to work today. She yells, “Stop, Mum! Stop!” She pulls herself up my body with tiny, pinching, sharp fingernails. She pokes my eyes while gleefully laughing. “Eyes!” Then back to crying and screaming about bubbles and … I honestly don’t know what.

Send Mary Poppins.

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