‘Geekasaurus’ September 26th, 2018 – Namaste Right Here

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Wanna know what happens when you try to relax with some yoga when your toddler is still awake?

You become the jungle gym. There is no such thing as tranquility. Meditation does not happen.

I’m trying to be more active. It’s better for my overall health and I’m trying to keep up with Alice as she grows and learns, but I’m struggling to keep up. I want to be there with her as she does things. I want to go on more adventures. I want to explore with her. I just don’t have the energy.

Yoga seemed like a great solution. It’s my type of exercise. I’d love some more flexibility and strength and, back when I was younger, yoga helped me destress. None of these things can happen with toddler Alice yoga.

My stomach still hurts from being used as a trampoline …

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