Free Pi Day Shirt Designs

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CC BY SA Ruth Suehle

Happy Pi Day! If you’re like the moms I know, your kids are celebrating in math class with round food and circle-based craft projects. And if you have a cutting machine, it’s never too late for another t-shirt. I’ve created SVGs for a few of the most popular Pi Day shirts that you can load into Silhouette Studio or Cricut Design Space to create your own.

For my daughter’s class Pi Day celebration, she wanted something different, and we came up with the “bagPIpes” design in the photo above. I created the file largely by importing into Cricut Design Space, which unfortunately means the file can’t be shared directly. You can download my SVG of the design with everything but the small π symbols inside the bagpipes. I added those as text directly inside Design Space, which will make them cut better. (Similarly, if you would like to add the text directly, the font is Bearded Lady.)

Here are a few other designs you’re free to use:

Download the SVG
In both menacing and cute options. Download the SVG.
Download the SVG
Download the SVG


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