GeekDad: ‘The Story Seed Podcast’ & ‘Paper Girls’: Reasons to Hope for a Better 2021


If there’s something positive to say about this year, it’s the time and thought people have put onto digital resources. Here we will point you towards two different products: a podcast tied to a book, and a YouTube series, both intended to provide your kids with engaging activities that go back and forth between receiving content and producing creative outlets.

This is important, and hallmarks the new needs our children have.

S.T.E.A.M and creativity can be nurtured in different ways, and we seriously approve of these two:

What Is ‘The Story Seed Podcast’?

The program, launched in March 2020, brings together a young person and a best-selling author to the collaboration table in order to grow stories.

The podcast is hosted by Betsy Bird, and has been happily received by both Apple and Spotify’s Kids + Family curated podcast collections.

Now, together with Literary Safari, they have produced a book: Imagination Lab: Experiments in Creativity.

This activity book offers 80+ full-color pages with QR codes and write-on-lines that make it easy to connect podcast listening with writing, reading, and S.T.E.A.M adventures.

Inspired by the collaborations between the first ten kids/authors featured on the first season of the podcast, the book is available worldwide through Literary Safari’s print on demand partnership with Lulu xPress.

Each part of the book contains space for doodling, ideas, useful information and interesting facts related to the topic at hand: Fairy Tales, Mythical Creatures, Mistery, Music and more.

What Is ‘Paper Girls’?

Released directly on YouTube, the animated series known as The Paper Girls Show, aims to empower young girls to imagine, create, and learn through the exploration of S.T.E.A.M. The videos are less than 7 minutes long and are accompanied by a fun page where you can review the material created and thus be inspired to create your own.

The goal of each six-minute episode is to inspire 60 minutes of real-world making, divided in three segments: Making, Mindfulness and Mistakes.

They have also partnered with Taro’s Origami Studio and Curious Jane for downloadable DIYs.


Surely this is but a glimpse of all the incredible partnerships, provocations and creative proposals of 2020, they both give us a new perspective on what kids can aspire to watch and listen to, and are both thought provoking and entertaining to boot.

Disclosure: GeekDad received access to these products for review purposes, however all opinions remain my own

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