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When GeekDad Mordechai shared his story of the Secret Identity men’s suit, I’ll admit I turned a She-Hulk shade of green with jealousy. However, as a college instructor, my daily fashion consists of jeans and a geeky t-shirt so looking for a suit wasn’t something in my “need to have” basket. Until LEGO Education invited me to join them at BETT to help unveil their new LEGOMaker lesson plans, then I suddenly needed actual (gasp!) professional clothing. Thanks to the wonders of the GeekFamilyNetwork, Mordechai hooked me up with again (since I’ve already reviewed their ugly holiday sweaters and DC women’s sweater line). This time, I had the opportunity to try the Women’s Secret Identity suit for myself, as they sent me some to try out.

Why I Needed a Secret Identity Suit

As I’ve embraced my geek identity, I’ve noticed that I feel more comfortable when I’m rockin’ my nerd self than when I have to leave that behind and fit in. Unfortunately, in a professional setting, sometimes you need to dress like everyone around you.

I’ve struggled over the past few years trying to find secretly geeky clothing that I can wear to professional functions. In 2016, I earned a teaching award and wore a Black Widow skater dress with a plain black sweater over it. Clearly, this was not the epitome of professional.

However, if you’re going to be representing one of the top companies in education and parenting, you need to look the part. This means getting a suit. Now, again, as many writers and educators are aware, suits are pretty expensive, and our budgets don’t always allow for that.

This is where stepped in to help me out. They offered me one of their suits, and I chose the black one because, really, light pink does not match the green hair.

What I Loved About the Secret Identity Suit’s Secret Identity Suit allowed me to walk the fine line between professional and geek. This helped me feel confident without feeling out-of-place.

First, I have to commend them on how well these suits travel. If you’ve ever flown and stuffed professional gear in a suitcase, you know exactly what I mean. Yes, I did the roll-it-into-a-scroll-to-fit-better routine. Yes, that kind of mitigated the wrinkling process. However, when that suit is squooshed into a suitcase going on a 6-hour flight, you’re bound to have some general wrinkles tossed into that bag no matter how hard you try. The Secret Identity Suit de-wrinkled itself just by being laid flat on the hotel room table overnight. If I’d been Hermione Granger, I couldn’t have worked a charm better.

Second, the suit was a fantastic hit with every single person who saw it. No one noticed the superheroine lining until I showed them. When I did the reveals? Almost every person smiled and exclaimed over it upon seeing the inside. Moreover, since by that point the entire organization had gotten to know my quirky personality, everyone admitted that it was the perfect suit for a GeekMom to be wearing to a professional event.

And it was. It really, really was.

As for sizing, I’m a well-endowed (see: “busty”) woman with a cup size of J (yes, that’s a real size). I also have a tummy pooch. All of this is to say that I’m not entirely their Size 12 because it was a bit tight and not entirely their Size 14 because it was a bit baggy. If I were about 3-5lbs in either direction, one would fit perfectly. I ended up wearing the 14 because I like to have a little extra room to stretch and because I feel comfortable in more relaxed clothing. If you’re looking to guess at sizing, I’d go a little bit up. The suits are nicely stretchy, but since it’s mail order, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you’re curious about my t-shirt size? I’m a Women’s XL/XXL or a Men’s Medium.

The best part, in my mind, was that I didn’t have to compromise my own identity to fit society’s ideal of professional. I was able to confidently strut my geeky self while also meeting the appropriate social expectations. (Of course, if you’re in London at a LEGO Education event, you are compelled to wear your LEGO “Another Brick in the Wall” t-shirt under your suit jacket. I think it’s an actual law somewhere, really.)

Is It Really Dry Clean Only?

Well, the directions say dry clean only. However, I’m both cheap and lazy. I washed it in the washing machine and hung it up to dry.

The pants and blazer shrank a tiny bit, maybe. I tried them on afterward, and most likely, they’d stretch back out.

I didn’t see any significant pilling after the machine washing, but it was only one time. Again, if you’re not going to wear a suit all that often, chances are machine washing once in a while is fine. However, for regular wear, it’s best to follow the care instructions.

What I Didn’t Love

In a world where I believe you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, I loved the suit 110% because it was free for me. That doesn’t mean that it was without flaws.

The sizing of the pants. Wow. Between you and me, we all know that women’s pants sizing is one of those weird mysteries of the universe somehow tied up with ideal body size issues and a whole host of patriarchy underpinnings. We don’t need to discuss that in depth. It’s up there with dresses not having pockets. However, I’m going to write this to precisely because I know they can do better.

Look, between you and me,, you have to fix these pants. I’m going to be straight with you, I usually wear a size 12 or 14. I’m a 5′ woman who weighs 183lbs. I’m fat. Ok? I totally understand that. I’m also a woman who gave birth which means my hips expanded.

You know what size pants fit me A size 18. This is the largest size in which you make your pants. Seriously? It’s bad enough that I can’t find things that fit me usually, but this is pretty ridiculous, and you’re going to have a lot of “big boned” or “fat” or whatever word you want to use for us women complaining that we are dismissed from your market off the bat.

Make. Better. Pants. Seriously.

(Although, in full disclosure, when I told the rep that this was my problem and going to be part of the review, they did note that the men’s clothing had received similar responses and that the issues had been passed on to the product team. That said, y’all, please, just make better pants. Otherwise, this would be a perfect clean review.)

Would I Buy the Secret Identity Suit Myself?

I would, without a doubt, buy the blazer (which retails for $59.99). I love the blazer. Even though I’m a weird size on top, I can’t stop loving the fact that no matter what the occasion, I officially have something that allows me to be me, even if most people don’t know.

The blazer is awesome. I would definitely buy it for myself at the regular retail price. As I mentioned, I’m just a weird top size and rarely wear button-up shirts because of that, so yes, the blazer is perfect.

You don’t really need the pants. I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t likely repurchase them. The only superheroine pattern is in the waistband, and with the sizing issue, you can easily skip the pants and find your own pair of black pants.

For the first time in years, I’m excited that I have a fancy formal blazer—that also lets me fly my geek flag as privately or publicly as I want.

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  1. I have not checked out’s offerings, but my favorite secret identity wear comes from Her Universe, I have one dress that is the Red Dalek from the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who and every time I wear it non-geeks think it is a lady bug dress. Talk about wearing something Geek that is not obvious, huh?

  2. It’s a good start- but yeah, they need to have options for bigger people, and more choices other than one print.

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