Cotton G3 Holster  Image: Dakster Sullivan

Cotton Camera Carrier G3 Harness Review

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Cotton G3 Holster  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Cotton G3 Holster Image: Dakster Sullivan

I’ve been waiting what seems like months to check out Cotton Carrier’s G3 camera harness ($119.00) and it was worth the wait.

My problem with my DSLR is I don’t like using the neck strap, but I don’t trust the hip clips. I’ve tried keeping it in my bag until I need it, but by the time I get it out of the bag, the shot is long gone.

The Basics

The G3 harness helped me fix my issue with a secure way to keep my camera in front of me with a built-in tether that will prevent my camera from having an expensive meeting with the floor. The patented twist and lock system keeps my camera from taking the leap of death if I get bumped into. Thanks to the stabilizing feature, the camera stays secure to my body and I don’t end up with bruises from my camera beating my chest.

If you need to carry an additional camera, lens, or a set of binoculars, you can pick up the Wanderer side holster ($49.00) to add to the system. They also make a neat stabilizer that you can clip on and use to balance your camera for those times you don’t feel like carrying a monopod.

The harness comes with a rain shield to help protect my gear just in case that sunny Florida weather turns not-so-sunny in the middle of shooting.

Two camera set up.  Image: Cotton Carrier
Two camera set up. Image: Cotton Carrier

Comfort and Stability

The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable, and the back has a vent panel. That doesn’t mean you won’t get warm, but it’s not as bad as you might think.

The harness balances the weight of my camera on my body better than if I was wearing just a neck strap. And since it’s secure to my body, I have more movement than if I had it on a belt clip or hanging around my neck.

If you have a camera geek in your life, consider picking them up the G3 harness this season. It’s a great addition to their gear arsenal. If the $119.00 price tag is a bit scary for your wallet, look at the Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Strapshot ($79.99). It’s a scaled-down version that sits on a backpack strap.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample.

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