The ‘Curse’ of the December Anniversary Blockbuster Date Night

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Reading Time: 1 minuteReading Time: 4 minutesThis was taken just before we went to see ‘The Desolation of Smaug.’ Sure, the picture itself doesn’t have to do with movies, but it has to do with movie date nights, and it’s a cute picture, no?

This weekend I keep seeing my online acquaintances posting, “I’d better get offline until I can finally see The Last Jedi on Sunday!”—give or take a few days. They’re not Star Wars fanatics—the ones that live and breathe it—just your average everyday fan. Like me. I confess to not knowing the names of every ancillary character, and I’ve never read a Star Wars novel, and I’d probably fail a Star Wars trivia game, but still, I seriously love Star Wars. It’s been important to me since before I even cared about it.

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