GeekDad: New Online Learning Platform YaizY

Small virtual classes are led by YaizY tutors.

Filling the void of online extra-curricular learning for older kids, YaizY is a new platform with a focus on digital skills. A catalog of 16 classes (with more coming soon), range from computing to design and then to entrepreneurship. Classes are limited to small groups (only six to eight children per class) and have a dedicated live tutor.

There are four big ideals that drive the courses of YaizY are:

  • Game-Based Learning: Fun classes mean better learning! Our proprietary platform employs game mechanics to keep kids engaged and motivated.
  • Progressive Subjects: We offer future-proof skills not taught in school. From innovation to coding, kids transform passions into professions.
  • Soft Skill Development: Integrating soft skills like communication, teamwork, and creativity, our curriculum preps kids for the real world.
  • Individualized Learning: With small classes led by a curated team of certified tutors, kids master skills holistically and at their own pace.

We were lucky enough to speak with YaizY’s founder and CEO, Vitaly Gorden and get some insight into the new platform. When asked about what raised YaizY above the competition, Vialy explained that they “created the category that we call ‘passion to profession’, in our courses we address we appeal to kids’ passions, to the inner light that all of them, without any exceptions have. We help them explore this inner light, explore these passions and then navigate in the digital professions of tomorrow.” He expanded on the idea that the different tracks of courses would entice different students and then allow them the ability to expand their learning though additional courses…

We help explore and identify passion and build individual paths in digital professions. Nobody else does. Because you either get lots of fun, or you have something pretty good but in a very specialized field… We have a wide range of high-quality courses that are created in the logic of passion to profession that enable parents to help their kids to explore their passions and get to the beautiful.

We asked Vialy a personal question, about the favorite classes of his own children: “So, the youngest still cannot experience the courses, but I know the ones that we are going to develop for her actually… she wants to have interior design for the room. So, we are going to create a course on interior design. Now… my oldest one, he asked me about the course on strategic leadership through the ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ type of game. That’s how strategic leadership is done… Or let’s create a real startup that works for that gamification, the gamification into gaming, and that’s what my middle kid likes the most. He likes the decision making to chess, like the board game mechanic.”

Parents can review the different courses and book a free trial right now at to join the more than 14,000 other kids taking classes with YaizY in developing skills for today and tomorrow.

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