Weighted Compression Vest by Fun and Function  Image: Fun and Function

Fun and Function – Weighted Compression Vest. Fashionable Tools at Work.

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Weighted Compression Vest by Fun and Function  Image: Fun and Function
Weighted Compression Vest by Fun and Function Image: Dakster Sullivan

Deep-touch therapy is one of the may ways therapists are helping their patients with over-stimulation issues. It’s been used to help people suffering from Alzheimer’s, autism, anxiety, ADHD, and other sensory related disorders. Fun and Function has come up with a way of helping those that need that deep-touch feel in a fashionable way.

I have generalized anxiety disorder and personally, I find weighted or compression type tools to be helpful, but everyone is different.

And now, the legal stuff. 

Legal disclaimer: I am not a doctor; nor is Fun and Function. If you choose to go with this form of therapy make sure you keep your doctor/therapist in the loop and use it under their supervision. 

There are plenty of articles that discuss the benefits of deep-touch therapy.  In short:

Light touch, such as something landing on your skin, has been shown to alert the nervous system whereas deep-touch, like petting a cat or getting a hug, calms and relaxes. 

What’s so special about it?

The Weighted Compression Vest, by Fun and Function, is easy to put on and includes a total of 2 lbs worth of weights (four 1/4 lb. weights and two 1/2 lb. weights). You can purchase additional weights for the vest to suit your needs but it’s recommended that you don’t exceed 10% of your body weight.

Fun and Functional Front  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Fun and Function front Image: Dakster Sullivan

The side panels are adjustable and help it size up or down and give you various degrees of tightness on the body. The model I’m checking out for this review is recommended for ages 10 to adult and is 1 inch longer than the other models.

What draws me to this vest is it doesn’t look like anything special. Minus the mesh sides, it looks relatively normal and it fits under a button up shirt if you are still a little self-conscious. It’s machine washable (air dry) so no worries if the kids get it dirty.

Fun and Functional Front Button  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Fun and Function front with button up shirt Image: Dakster Sullivan

Sizing can be a bit tricky. If you get one that is too big you won’t get the full benefits of the deep-touch therapy that this vest provides. I went with a large because my measurements are at the bottom of the large scale. As you can tell in the side view picture the I could have gone with a medium.

Fun and Functional Side View  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Fun and Function side view Image: Dakster Sullivan

When you put on the vest and for how long depends on the user. In my case, I’ve learned if I think I might have some anxiety about a task, I put it on before I have to tackle it and wear it the duration of the activity. As for how much weight, start with the minimal amount and gradually increase it till your comfortable. Fun and Function has some guidelines posted on their website.

Personal thoughts and experience?

Because this one is a little too big for me, I don’t feel comfortable walking around wearing it without a button up shirt over it to hide the side panels. If it fit me better, then the shirt wouldn’t be as needed. When I was helping to clean my church building one evening it got a little warm with all the moving around I was doing. Sitting at home on my computer or working around the house I felt fine.

When it came to how long I wore it I let my body tell me when it was okay to take it off. Once my anxiety levels or focusing was normal again, I took it off. No complicated math or timers. Just how my body felt.

Fun and Functional Back  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Fun and Function Back Image: Dakster Sullivan

A couple of things I don’t like about this model:

  • It’s made of a neoprene like material so it doesn’t breathe and can get hot after a while.
  • I found myself doing the Picard Maneuver a few times to keep it pulled down.
  • I couldn’t adjust it to the right tightness without help.

Even with those minor complaints, the product does what it is advertised to do for me. Would I wear this out to a theme park? Heck no. I’d probably grab the denim style or a hug shirt instead. Would I wear it out to dinner or at work? Yes.

The Weighted Compression Vest is available in a range of colors and sizes starting at $69.99. The model I’m reviewing in this post is 1-inch longer than other models to accommodate the longer body of teens and adults. Other model options including denim, faux fur, fleece, and hoodies. If purchasing this vest for someone else, let them pick out the model that fits their style and makes them most comfortable.

GeekMom Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product in exchange for a review.

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