Fidget Cube  Image: Dakster Sullivan

Fidget Cube – Not for Me After All

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Fidget Cube  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Fidget Cube Image: Dakster Sullivan

My Fidget Cubes finally arrived and it didn’t take long for me to find things I liked and things I wish would have been made a little better. The weight and feel of the cube are what I expected. The keychain is almost a must have accessory if you want to take it with you anywhere. The small bag that comes with it is cute and functional.

My big complaint is the noise. All the noise. Noise. Noise. ::Grinch::

To be fair, Fidget Cube does say on their Kickstarter that this is not a quiet fidget tool and some of the sides do make noise.

Unfortunately, this makes the Fidget Cube a little hard to sell to teachers who want to give their students something to fidget with but don’t want a disruptive clicky noise every second. From an anxiety sufferer’s standpoint, the noise brings unwanted attention to the user.

In the cases above, I suggest you grab a Koosh ball instead.

As the video below shows, there are six different fidget tools on the cube and thankfully not all of them make noise.

If you have the patience, it’s possible to fidget with the switch quietly…I am not one of those people.

I’ve talked to other Fidget Cube users who love them so much they can’t put theirs down. My 11-year-old son told me last night that the switch side is his favorite. When he’s in the car with me, I ask him to pick a quieter side.

While this may not be the tool for me, watching others play with them makes me realize the Fidget Cube is not a bad product. I’ve met some people that it helps them with their fidgety nature.

With that said, the Fidget Cube has its purpose but it’s not for everyone and not for everywhere. Just like any tool, some people will find it helpful while others would be better off with something else. Me? I think I’ll stick to my Blazing Team yo-yo and holster to help me through my fidget times.

Wanna check out the Fidget Cube for yourself? They are on pre-order over on Antsy Labs website. Cubes start at $22 and the keychain covers start at around $4.

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2 thoughts on “Fidget Cube – Not for Me After All

  1. Mine finally arrived as well! I definitely have a few nitpicky complaints, like the spinner side not really spinning easily from the angle I hold it. The seams in the cube are also gathering dirt quite quickly. Overall though I enjoy that there are so many different tactile sensations in one object!

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