Spread the Spooky With Easy Halloween Bento Lunches


Surprise your child on Halloween with a spooky Halloween-themed bento lunch.

Bento does not have to equal difficult, so here are some easy ideas you can tuck into your child’s lunchbox this Halloween.

All pictures taken by Suzanne Lazear

Here’s an open-faced sandwich cut in the shape of a Jack-O-Lantern. Orange cheese will look more pumpkin-y, but this is what my child eats. You can also make a closed-faced sandwich and color the bread orange with food coloring. I cut out the shape with a knife.

Here’s a ghost using the same concept (there’s ham under the cheese and the eyes are olives).  I also cut out the shape with a knife.

Dye rice orange and green with food coloring and use plastic wrap to mold into a cute little pumpkin.  (You can use your hands, but the food color might dye them).

Use a knife to cut a jack-o-lantern face into a had-boiled egg.  Soak the egg in water with orange food color for an orange pumpkin or leave white for a ghost pumpkin.  I used part of a greenbean for a stem.

Sandwich balls make great pumpkins.  I dyed a slice of white bread with food color, then cut it into a large circle using a knife.  Add a dollop of your child’s favorite filling (you don’t need much), then use plastic wrap to mold the whole thing into a ball.  I secured half a baby dill pickle onto the sandwich ball with a toothpick for the stem.  You can also use black food color or other things to add faces if you want jack-o-lanterns.

Here are my spooky ideas — what are yours?

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