‘Justice League Action’ Has the DC Comics Heroes We Deserve

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Justice League Action

If you gave Teen Titans GO! a chance with the kids and it really wasn’t your thing, or if you long for the days of Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League, has Cartoon Network got a show for you.

With a constantly changing team roster, top-notch voice acting that includes your favorite actors, and all the action you can pack in the Justice League, Justice League Action is the superhero show families deserve.

As good as the original Justice League cartoon is, the roster remained mostly static with the big names: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and a few others. There were glimpses of fan favorites here and there, but no cameos really gave you that satisfying gasp of delight. Justice League Action, however, stands out with an incredible, changing team roster.

In the first four episodes alone, you’ll see those League mainstays, along with Swamp Thing, Plastic Man, Shazam, Cyborg, and John Constantine. Constantine, in fact, makes up most of the humor in the first four episodes, thanks to the accent-exaggerating curse he’s under.

And more heroes are planned to make an appearance, like Mr. Terrific and Firestorm, along with classic villains like Brainiac, Parasite, Lex Luthor, and Joker.

The Joker wouldn’t be The Joker without Mark Hamill’s incredible voice, and lucky for us, he’s back, along with Kevin Conroy as Batman. (Hamill even jumps in as a hero as the voice of Swamp Thing as well.) If you’re a fan of the original Batman: The Animated Series, that’s probably all you need to know and you’re already downloading the first episode. If you’re still not convinced, Sean Astin stars as Billy Batson/Shazam, John de Lancie voices Brainiac, Brent Spiner is The Riddler, and James Woods is Lex Luthor.

The show lives up to its name, with more action than exposition, so don’t expect the same pace as Batman: The Animated SeriesJustice League Action isn’t a zany kids show like Teen Titans GO!, but the first four episodes are sure to be just as exciting for your young superhero fans. And the perfect amount of superhero silliness and humor make it just right for all ages.

Get the first four episodes on iTunes in the collection “Shazam Slam” to see all the superhero star power for yourself.  If Teen Titans GO! isn’t the DC Comics show for your family, Justice League Action probably is. Or, even better, you’ll enjoy them both for two different takes on the DC universe.

The 11-minute episodes air Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network.

All Images: DC Comics / Cartoon Network

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